Interdisciplinary nanotech team at U Texas wins NSF grant for PV devices

15 October 2012

An interdisciplinary team at University of Texas, Dallas (UTD), including SPIE Member Anton Malko has won a $390,000 grant from NSF (the US National Science Foundation) for their research on the feasibility of ultrathin-film photovolataic devices for solar power.

A press release from UTD announcing the grant said that the team's work in nanotechnology could lead to a new platfrom for solar cells that could drive the development of light, flexible solar cells. The cells could be used in applications requiring portable powers sources, or for clothing or backpacks.

The team's approach to building solar cells involves the use of nanosized crystal particles called quantum dots, which absorb light much better than silicon. The energy they absorb is then transferred into silicon and converted into an electric signal.

Malko has authored several SPIE conference proceedings, most recently a paper at SPIE Optics and Photonics 2012 on "Excitonic sensitization of ultrathin silicon layers for future photovoltaic architectures."

Read more in the UTD press release