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UCLA lab-on-a-cell-phone group develops lens-free scan

15 May 2011

A University of California, Los Angeles, Biophotonics Lab research group under the direction of Aydogan Ozcan has reported they have achieved the first demonstration of a lens-free scan technique with potential application as an inexpensive diagnostic tool well-suited for the needs of developing regions.

SPIE Member Serhan Isikman described the group's latest advances in a paper titled "On-chip blood analysis using lensless microscopy," in a presentation at SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing last month.

Isikman said the project to develop a field-portable, lens-free tomographic microscope serves the group's objective to enable a set of low-cost but highly effective optical tools for diagnostic use in the developing world. Millions of deaths each year from diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis could be dramatically reduced through more effective diagnosis and intervention.

Read more in the Optics.org article.