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Sunglasses prototype counters glare with LCDs

14 July 2011

Sunglasses that detect bright spots of light and darken specific parts of the lens to protect sunglasses wearers from blinding glare have been developed in a joint effort with the University at Buffalo (UB).

Inventor Chris Mullin teamed up with a UB professor of electrical engineering, SPIE Member Albert Titus, to develop the smart shades. Although they are not yet ready for the consumer market, they are garnering significant attention: they were named in June one of Popular Science magazine's top 10 inventions of 2011.

Titus, co-chair of UB's Department of Biomedical Engineering, has contributed several papers to the SPIE Biomedical Optics symposium. Mullin is the founder and CEO of Dynamic Eye, a company he created in 2003.

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