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James G. Grote honored with SPIE Technology Achievement Award

21 April 2009

James G. Grote with the Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, USA, is the 2009 recipient of the Technology Achievement award in recognition of his outstanding contributions in Photonics Engineering Technology through his inception and significant accomplishments in the new field of Biotronics - Biopolymer-based photonic and electronic materials and devices.

Dr. Paul McManamon, Air Force Research Lab, retired, states, "the significance of Dr. Grote's accomplishments in Biotronics engineering is the development and implementation of a new class of polymer that possess unique optical and electromagnetic properties that no other known polymer has. It has already demonstrated significant improvements in electronic and optoelectronic device performance. Dr. Grote's background, innovation and leadership have led to a non fossil fuel-based photonic and electronic biopolymer material, derived from biowaste. It is abundant, inexpensive and a green material that will not deplete our natural resources or harm the environment. It has the potential to compete with, or even replace, many fossil fuel-based plastics for applications ranging from eyeglasses to food containers to the higher technology applications that Dr. Grote's international team is pursuing, such as light emitting diodes, transistors and solar cells."

Dr. Grote is an SPIE Fellow, serves on many SPIE committees, and is Symposium Chair for the OPTO symposia at SPIE Photonics West.

The SPIE Technology Achievement Award is given annually to recognize outstanding technical accomplishment in optics, electro-optics, photonic engineering, or imaging. The recipient(s) shall have contributed significantly to the advancement of one or more of these areas with specific demonstration(s) or application(s). An honorarium of $2,000 will be presented.

For more information on this year's recipient and past winners, visit http://spie.org/x3072.xml.

SPIE presents several yearly awards that recognize outstanding individual and team technical accomplishments and meritorious service to the Society. SPIE urges you to nominate a colleague for his or her outstanding achievements. Nominations may be made through October 1 of any given year and are considered active for three years from the submission date. Visit SPIE.org/x1164.xml for instructions and nomination forms.