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In memoriam: Gerhard J. Müller, laser medicine research leader 

29 September 2010

SPIE Fellow Prof. Gerhard Müller passed away 19 August in Berlin after a prolonged illness.

Müller studied physics at the Technical University in Berlin, where he received his PhD. He was CEO of technical coordination at Carl Zeiss, Inc., Oberkochen, before establishing the Laser-Medizin-Zentrum (LMZ) -- the first center for laser medicine -- in Berlin in 1985. LMZ joined with the Festkörper Laser-Institut Berlin in 1995 to form Laser- und Medizin-Technologie GmbH, Berlin (LMTB), said CEO Hans Joachim Eichler, Müller's successor at LMTB. "Simultaneously, he served as a full professor at the Free University Berlin and received several honorary degress from other universities," Eichler noted.

Müller  was active in the SPIE BiOS community, serving as BiOS conference chair from 1994-1998, and as cochair of ECBO (European Conferences on Biomedical Optics) from 1994-1998. He authored 9 journal articles for the SPIE Journal of Biomedical Optics, was an editor of 17 proceedings volumes, and and author of 134 SPIE conference proceedings papers.

Müller was a member of the SPIE Board of Directors from 1998-2000, and was also involved in several of its standing committees, including the Symposia Committee and the Engineering, Science, and Technology Committee. He was honored with the SPIE President's Award in 1991.

The family held a funeral service earlier this year.