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Ralph James, Yongang Cui win Battelle Prize

01 February 2011

SPIE Fellow and Immediate Past President Ralph JamesRalph James and SPIE author Yonggang Cui have won a Gordon Battelle Prize for Technology Impact, for developing a new compact gamma camera for detecting intraprostatic cancer. James and Cui work at Brookhaven National Lab.

James and Cui applied a new class of small semiconductor-based radiation detectors they had developed for national security applications to the localization of cancerous tumors.

James has published more than 110 papers with SPIE, and Cui has published nearly 30. They are authors of four papers scheduled for SPIE Optics + Photonics in August, on topics related to stress determination, thermal annealing, stectroscopic measurements, and other studies on CdZnTe.

See the full press release from Brookhaven National Lab.