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Imaging, metrology, photonics opportunity at Utsunomiya workshop

11 October 2012

"Opportunities abound" for photonics applications, SPIE CEO Eugene Arthurs said in a talk at the 4th International Workshop on Perspectives of Optical Imaging and Metrology (Holo-Met 2012) in Utsunomiya, Japan, 24-26 July.

Jointly organized by the Center for Optical Research and Education (CORE) of Utsunomiya University and the Institute for Applied Optics of University of Stuttgart, the workshop covered recent advances in optical imaging and metrology with an emphasis on holography.

Arthurs spoke in a special session on "Entrepreneurship in Optics and Metrology, saying, "Optics is so pervasive and has so many niche markets that many opportunities abound for differentiating technologies or products -- even after five decades."

Speakers in Holo-Met 2012 technical sessions included:

• SPIE Fellow and 2013 Vice President Toyohiko Yatagai (CORE), on "Doppler phase-shifting digital holography and its applications to interferometry and color display"

• SPIE Fellow Yukitoshi Otani (CORE), on "Real-time birefringence mapping by polarization high-speed image sensor"

• SPIE Fellow Mitsuo Takeda (CORE), on "See-through imaging of 3D object hidden behind a diffuser by unconventional correlation"

• SPIE Fellow Kazuo Kuroda (CORE), on "Fidelity of reconstruction in polarization holograph"

• SPIE Fellow Kazuyoshi Itoh (Osaka University), "Stimulated-Raman-scattering video-rate spectral microscopy"

• SPIE Member Yoshio Hayasaki (CORE), "Holographic femtosecond laser processing for high-speed fabrication of sub-wavelength structures."