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Goddard Space Flight Center's Family Night gains national recognition

22 August 2012

The Goddard Space Flight Center's monthly Family Night, a program for middle-school children and their families to learn hands-on how telescopes and other astronomical instruments work, gained national attention in an article from The Washington Post this week.

The Family Night on 25 July was led by the team working on the James Webb Space Telescope, NASA's most powerful telescope estimated to launch in about six years. The team included SPIE Secretary/Treasurer Brian Lula (Physik Instrumente) and Board of Directors member Joseph Howard, James Webb's lead optical designer. SPIE Member Ryan Hannahoe (Montana State University) also attended.

The James Webb Space Telescope will orbit farther away from Earth than Hubble, observe infrared light, and allow scientists to look into the history of the universe, answering questions about how galaxies and black holes form.

Family Night on 29 August at Goddard will focus on Mars and the recently landed rover Curiosity.

Read the full article from The Washington Post.