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Fenna D. Hanes honored with SPIE Educator Award

21 April 2009

Fenna D. Hanes, Senior Director at the New England Board of Higher Education, USA, is the 2009 Educator Award winner in recognition of her leadership in several NSF-ATE (National Science Foundation-Advanced Technological Education) projects, and her unfailing enthusiasm for optics/photonics technology. Ms. Hanes has fostered the growth of optics education in secondary schools and colleges throughout the United States.

Prof. Judith F Donnelly with Three Rivers Community College states, "Among Fenna's most enduring accomplishments are the dozens of educational/industry alliances she facilitated during more than 10 years involvement in optics/photonics education. She has worked closely with scores of companies, recruiting participation in educational conferences and workshops ranging from serving as the host site to providing guest speakers and plant tours."

Hanes has managed four PHOTON projects since 1995, bringing educators from several geographic locations together to facilitate photonics technology education at their institutions that is intelligently developed and seamlessly articulated. The "Alliances" consist of four to six participants per region, including high school and two- and four-year college science, technology, engineering, and math instructors, as well as their institution's career and admissions counselors.

Hanes is an SPIE member and the final showcase workshop for PHOTON2 was held at SPIE Optics + Photonics in San Diego in August 2006.

"It was Fenna's idea that teachers and industry could learn from each other to the benefit of both, a goal that was evidently accomplished. This nomination of Fenna for the SPIE Educator award is, in fact, made on behalf of the twenty or so PHOTON2 teachers and counselors who met in San Diego and expressed their wish that Fenna Hanes be acknowledged for her contributions to optics education at their institutions," said Judith Donnelly.

The Educator Award is given annually in recognition of outstanding contributions to optics education by an SPIE instructor or an educator in the field. An honorarium of $2,000.00 will be presented.

For more information on this year's recipient and past winners, visit http://spie.org/x3069.xml.

SPIE presents several yearly awards that recognize outstanding individual and team technical accomplishments and meritorious service to the Society. SPIE urges you to nominate a colleague for his or her outstanding achievements. Nominations may be made through October 1 of any given year and are considered active for three years from the submission date. Visit SPIE.org/x1164.xml for instructions and nomination forms.