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Denvir honored with IOP Gold Medal

Belfast, Northern Ireland, and Bellingham, WA, USA -- 8 October 2007 -- Dr. Donal Denvir, co-founder of Andor Technology plc and a member of SPIE, has been recognized with a Gold Medal from the Institute of Physics.

The Business and Innovation medal of the Institute of Physics is awarded to individuals for outstanding contributions to the organization or application of physics in an industrial or commercial context. Dr. Denvir's award recognizes his role in founding Andor Technology plc, a manufacturer or high-performance digital cameras, and his leadership in the company's innovative R&D program.

Dr. Denvir has presented in and helped organize SPIE conferences for many years, among them Photonics West, Optics and Photonics, European Conference on Biomedical Optics, and Opto-Ireland.

In 1989, along with three colleagues at Queen's University Belfast, Dr. Denvir founded Andor as a university-based company. The team had noted that the digital camera systems then available were inadequate for their demanding research requirements, so they developed their own dedicated systems, which also proved to have considerable commercial potential. Dr. Denvir joined the fledgling company full-time in 1990.

Under Dr. Denvir's leadership as Technical Director, Andor has expanded its range of products, and is now recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer of sensitive, versatile digital cameras that cover the electromagnetic spectrum from the x-ray region to the near-infrared and often are developed for specialist applications in extreme environments. The company also produces a range of complementary spectroscopic equipment.

Andor is one of only three publicly quoted companies in Northern Ireland. It employs more than 180 staff, of which a substantial proportion are physics and engineering graduates.

"I am very honored and proud to have been nominated for this award" said Dr. Denvir. "Andor's success however is down to more than an individual. There is a very talented team around me here at Andor. Innovation has always been at the forefront of our growth strategy, so it is nice to be recognized for that."

Dr. Denvir was one of ten physicists recognized. The ten new awards help to ensure that all areas of modern physics are covered. Along with the Isaac Newton Medal, a new Gold Medal has been introduced for physics in an industrial or business context, along with eight new subject awards including particle physics, physics applied to life sciences, astrophysics, gravitational physics or cosmology and surface or nanotechnology.

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