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Robert Breault recognized for role in Arizona 'Optics Valley'

18 January 2012

JPEG Robert BreaultThe efforts of SPIE Fellow Robert Breault in establishing and promoting Arizona's "Optics Valley" -- a center for optical research and manufacturing -- and his achievements in optics have been acknowledged in a recent article published by the New York Times.

Optical scientists visit the center to work over their business plans with Breault and his associates. Throughout his association, Breault has worked with scientists from varying companies that develop product to enhance images via light such as lasers, telescopes, endoscopy equipment, and camera lenses.

Breault also continues to be recognized for his work in assisting other photonics clusters to organize around the world. His efforts have led to the development of over 50 clusters in 38 countries worldwide.

Breault, past member of the SPIE Board of Directors, is the 2011 winner of the SPIE Directors' Award for his years of leadership and dedication to the society. The optical pioneer will have his next paper presented at SPIE Optics + Photonics in 2012 where he will also be on the "An Optical Believe it or Not: Key Lessons Learned" program committee. His research has led to nearly 15 published papers on similar subjects in the SPIE Digital Library, where he has also been an editor of multiple conference proceedings.

Read the full New York Times Student Journalism Institute article.