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Nigel Allinson team creates new microchip for medical imaging

04 August 2011

A collaboration led by SPIE Member Nigel Allinson (University of Lincoln) between scientists at four UK organisations has created the world's biggest microchip designed for medical imaging. The 12.8 cm square chip means that in future doctors will be able to diagnose cancer and see the impact of radiotherapy treatment far more precisely than ever before.

The wafer-scale chip that is 200 times larger than the processing chips that lie at the heart of current PCs and laptops. The images it produces will show very clearly the impact of radiation on tumours as well as aid the detection in the earliest stages. It is also super-strong, being able to survive many years of exposure to radiation.

Team member Phil Evans from the Institute of Cancer Research will present a related paper at SPIE Optics + Photonics later this month, on "Fast regional readout CMOS active pixel sensor for radiotherapy treatment verification."

Read the HealthCanal.com article.