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Roland Winston honored with A.E. Conrady Award

21 April 2009

Roland Winston, professor at the University of California-Merced, USA, is the 2009 recipient of the A.E. Conrady Award in recognition of his profound, prodigious and seminal achievements in non-imaging optics, as well as in advancing its applications in solar and illumination technology.

An SPIE member, Winston serves on the Optical Engineering + Applications 2009 Technical Organizing Committee, and is a long-time contributor to the SPIE Optics+Photonics symposia in San Diego. He also teaches SPIE short courses on illumination engineering.

Winston's other accomplishments in nonimaging optics include development of the technology behind a popular solar collector, the Winston Series CPC Collector. "The influence of Roland's innovations has been felt over the entire range of solar concentrators, from low-concentration stationary collectors to ultra-high flux applications in thermal and photovoltaic power generation," states Jeffrey M. Gordon from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. "These principles and design methodologies have been extended to major advances in illumination engineering, as evidenced by the host of papers published in the leading journals during the past 15 years, as well as the multiplicity of new lighting systems now being produced for virtually all commercial light sources, from incandescent to light-emitting diodes to lasers."

The A. E. Conrady Award is given annually in recognition of exceptional contributions in design, construction, and testing of optical systems and instrumentation. The recognition of this award is based on developments of new equipment, techniques, and applications for designing, testing, analyzing, and/or evaluating optical systems, components, and theories. $2,000.00 honorarium is sponsored by Optical Research Associates.

For more information on this year's recipient and past winners, visit http://spie.org/x3071.xml.

SPIE presents several yearly awards that recognize outstanding individual and team technical accomplishments and meritorious service to the Society. SPIE urges you to nominate a colleague for his or her outstanding achievements. Nominations may be made through October 1 of any given year and are considered active for three years from the submission date. Visit SPIE.org/x1164.xml for instructions and nomination forms.