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Emil Wolf to receive Joseph W. Goodman Book Writing Award

Emil Wolf

BELLINGHAM, WA, USA- 1 October 2008 - Emil Wolf, world-renowned author and researcher in physical optics, has been named winner of the 2008 Joseph W. Goodman Book Writing Award. The biennial award, cosponsored by SPIE and OSA, was awarded for Wolf's book Introduction to the Theory of Coherence and Polarization of Light. Published in October 2007 by Cambridge University Press, Wolf's book is the first to provide a unified treatment of the phenomena of coherence and polarization.

The award will be made at the OSA Frontiers of Optics 2008 meeting 19-23 October at the Rochester, NY, Riverside Convention Center.

Wolf is Wilson Professor of Optical Physics at the University of Rochester. He is co-author with Max Born of Principles of Optics, on of the most cited science books of the 20th century.

Members of the selection committee had high praise for Wolf's book.

"The committee selected Emil Wolf's book for its excellent writing, rigor, and clarity. The decision was unanimous," said Jose Sasian, a professor at the College of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona.

Joseph Braat of the Optics Research Group in the Department of Imaging Science and Technology, Delft University of Technology, said that the prize committee was impressed by the book's logical presentation. The committee, he said, "has the strong conviction that a broad scientific audience will profit from this exquisite book."

"This outstanding volume, written by a pioneer of this subject, not only fills a gap in the literature but will surely become the standard textbook for students and researchers working in the theory of optical phenomena involving fluctuating fields," said Guillermo Kaufmann, head of the Optical Metrology Laboratory of the Instituto de Física Rosario and professor at Universidad Nacional de Rosario in Argentina.

The Joseph W. Goodman Book Writing Award is funded by Joseph W. and Hon Mai Goodman and recognizes authorship of an outstanding book published in the last six years in the field of optics and photonics. The winner is chosen by an international panel sponsored jointly by OSA and SPIE.