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Plasmonics, metamaterials, nanotechnology, biophotonics and innovation breakthroughs to be featured at SPIE Europe's Photonics Europe

Cardiff, UK - 7 December 2007 - The latest breakthroughs in optics and photonics research and expert-led programmes examining technology innovation and new-business issues will be presented at the SPIE Europe Photonics Europe symposium in April. The event will be held at the Palais de la Musique et des Congrès in Strasbourg, France, 7-11 April 2008, and is the third in a series that began in 2004.

More than 1100 papers will be presented in 18 technical conferences, including reports on plasmonics, micro/nanotechnology and optics, photonic crystals, silicon photonics, image processing and laser technologies. Three new conferences will be offered this year, titled Biophotonics: Photonic Solutions for Better Health Care, Optical and Digital Image Processing and Metamaterials.

A complementary programme of Industrial Perspectives talks by top-level executives will provide contextual overview of key optics and photonics markets and technology sectors, to help companies formulate strategic plans in light of recent funding decisions, growing market opportunities and new technology breakthroughs. Presenters from Philips, Audi, PCO, Coherent Scotland, GlaxoSmithKline, Carl Zeiss, Yole Development, Koheras and Fraunhofer will discuss their successes and strategic priorities in sessions on:

· Photovoltaics


· Multimedia, Displays and Lighting

· OPERA 2015: European Photonics - Corporate and Research Landscape

· Imaging

· Biomedical and Healthcare Photonics.

A three-day exhibition including more than 150 companies will offer opportunities to discover new products and company capabilities and to connect with development partners in Europe. Exhibiting companies include CVI Melles Griot, Newport Spectra-Physics, RSoft Design Group, Thales Laser and Thorlabs.

Hot Topics in Photonics, a series of plenary presentations by top scientists and leaders in their fields, will describe major advances in optics and photonics, describe novel applications and offer future directions. The sessions are chaired by Francis Berghmans and Hugo Thienpont, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium. Featured speakers are:

· Markus Wilkens, VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH, Germany

· Ronan Burgess, European Commission, Photonics Department, Belgium

· Eugene Arthurs, SPIE Europe

· Yasuhiro Koike , Keio University, Japan

· Miguel Gonzalez, Universidad de Alcalá, Spain

· James G. Grote, Air Force Research Laboratory, USA

· Haisheng Rong, Intel Corp., USA.

The Photonics Innovation Village, jointly organised by SPIE Europe and Rhenaphotonics, will again be held under the patronage of the European Commission. The event showcases the latest projects and breakthroughs from optics-photonics research groups at universities, research centres and start-up companies across Europe. The wide range of prototypes affords an opportunity to see how EU R&D and project funds are being used by some of the outstanding innovators in Europe. A jury of qualified representatives will evaluate the 15 submissions and determine winners in a number of categories.

The SPIE Europe Recognition Award will be given to Henri Rajbenbach during the Photonics Europe opening ceremony, honouring him for achievements in furthering European photonics. Rajbenbach joined the EC in 1997 as a programme manager in the areas of microelectronic integration, sensors, optoelectronics and microsystems, and now coordinates the area of photonics in the Information Society Technologies programme.

As part of a worldwide student support programme, SPIE's Student Services are offering a professional development speaker series for student and early career professional attendees. Organised in cooperation with SPIE's student chapter based at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, it will feature a summit on Entrepreneurship in Photonics and opportunities to network with experts on the interface between photonics and business.

A set of professional development seminars will include a short course on Diffractive Optics Technology for Product Development and a workshop for students on Effective Technical Presentations.

More information is available online at spieeurope.org/photonics-europe.xml

About SPIE Europe

SPIE Europe, headquartered in Cardiff, UK, is a European-based extension of SPIE, an international educational not-for-profit organization advancing an interdisciplinary approach to the science and application of light. SPIE Europe annually presents several symposia comprising conferences, exhibitions, courses and workshops as well as other membership, educational and industry forums throughout Europe. These activities serve to catalyze collaboration among technical disciplines and promote the advancement of science, information exchange, continuing education, publishing opportunities, patent precedent, and career and professional growth. SPIE is an international professional society founded in 1955. In addition to organizing and sponsoring technical conferences around the world, SPIE publishes journals, books and proceedings, with technical papers available for download via the SPIE Digital Library. For more information about SPIE Europe and SPIE, visit SPIE.org