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IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging conference covers full range of field 

BELLINGHAM, WA, USA - 25 October 2007 - IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging returns to Silicon Valley in January, drawing presenters from leading labs and companies throughout the world. The event will be held 27-31 January 2008 in the San Jose, CA, Marriott and San Jose Convention Center.

More than 800 papers will be presented in 20 technical conferences on the full range of electronic imaging topics, including:

* 3D imaging, interaction, and measurement
      Stereoscopic capture, displays and applications
      Virtual reality, including immersive environments
* Image processing
      Visual communications
      Machine vision applications
      Real time processing
      Digital imaging sensors and applications
* Color imaging
* Multimedia processing and applications
      Security, forensics, steganography, and watermarking of multimedia

Special events include two plenary talks and an Interactive Paper/Demonstration Session.

Hany Farid, David T. McLaughlin Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Associate Chair of Computer Science at Dartmouth College, will give a plenary talk on "Digital forensics." Powerful, low-cost digital technology has made it easier than ever to alter digital images, with the effect of eroding trust in photographs. Prof. Farid's talk will cover social, legal, and ethical implications of tampering as well as developments in technology.

David Bolinsky, Medical Director and Partner of XVIVO Scientific Animation, will give a plenary talk on "The making of the 'Inner Life of the Cell'." The animation shows in detail the functions of proteins and protein motors in cell motion and communication. The first in a planned series underpinning the Harvard web site Biovisions, it aims to communicate not only the complexities of cell functions but a sense of the search for truth and beauty in science as well.

The well-received hands-on Interactive Paper/Demonstration Session features hardware, software, display, and research products related to all the topics covered by the conference. The session provides the opportunity to see research in action, compare commercial products, and consult in real time with demonstrators.

The conference program will be augmented by a set of 27 technical courses. A two-day exhibit will feature electronic imaging companies and publishers showcasing their latest products, technologies, and publications. There is no additional fee for admission to the exhibit.

For further information about SPIE IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging, visit electronicimaging.org

About IS&T: IS&T-The Society for Imaging Science and Technology is an international non-profit organization whose goal is to keep members aware of the latest scientific and technological developments in the field of imaging through conferences, journals and other publications. We focus on imaging in all its aspects, with particular emphasis on silver halide, digital printing, electronic imaging, photofinishing, image preservation, image assessment, pre-press technologies and hybrid imaging systems. For more information, visit imaging.org

About SPIE: SPIE is an international society advancing an interdisciplinary approach to the science and application of light. Serving the interests of its more than 188,000 active constituents representing 138 different countries, SPIE acts as a catalyst for collaboration among technical disciplines for information exchange, continuing education, publishing opportunities, patent precedent, and career and professional growth. As the organizer and sponsor of approximately 26 major conferences and education programs annually in North America, Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific, SPIE provides publishing, speaking, and learning opportunities on emerging technologies. For more information, visit SPIE.org