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SPIE Photonics West Press Kit

13-18 February 2016
Moscone Center
San Francisco, California, USA


SPIE Photonics West, the world's largest international event encompassing industrial and medical applications of optics, lasers, and photonics, will feature more than 4,800 technical papers and 2 exhibitions.

More than 20,000 attendees are expected to convene in technical sessions, industry panels, two exhibitions, and other events covering advances in medical therapeutics and diagnostics, translational research, semiconductor, gas, fiber, and diode lasers, 3D printing, green photonics, micro/nanofabrication, MEMs, optoelectronic materials and devices, displays, communications, and related topics.

SPIE Photonics West exhibition


Press registration
Conference registration fees may be waived for members of the working press who wish to attend to cover an SPIE event. See the Press Registration page for rules of registration.



Hot Topics session

  • 2016 Britton Chance Biomedical Optics Award winner David Boas, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University, on neurophotonics
  • Melissa Skala, Vanderbilt University, on imaging cellular heterogeneity in cancer
  • Aaron Aguirre, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University, on new microscopy techniques for cellular imaging of the beating heart
  • David Sampson, University of Western Australia, on deep penetration with needles and alternate contrast with micro-elastography
  • Paul Beard, University College London, on photoacoustic imaging
  • Jennifer Hunter, University of Rochester, on adaptive optics for biomedical applications
  • Eric Potma, University of California, Irvine, on stimulated nonlinear optical microscopy
  • Heather Franklin, Blaze BioScience, Inc., on targeted fluorescence image-guided surgery.

Nano/Biophotonics plenary talk

  • Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop, University of Queensland, on applications of optical tweezers.

New conferences

  • Biophysics, Biology, and Biophotonics: the Crossroads
  • High-Speed Biomedical Imaging and Spectroscopy: Toward Big Data Instrumentation and Management.



Plenary talks:

  • Philip Russell, Max-Planck Institute for the Science of Light and University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, on photonic crystal fibers
  • Satoshi Kawata, Osaka University and RIKEN, on optical 3D nanofabrication
  • Scott Keeney, nLight Corp., on high-power semiconductor lasers.

New conference

  • Real-time Measurements, Rogue Events, and Emerging Applications



Plenary talks

  • Xiang Zhang, University of California, Berkeley, on parity-time symmetry photonics
  • Robert Boyd, University of Ottawa and University of Rochester, on quantum nonlinear optics
  • Michael Liehr, AIM Photonics and SUNY Polytechnic Institute, on merging photonics with nanoelectronics.


Green Photonics

Papers from OPTO and LASE on tools and materials that will reduce power consumption, enable cleaner manufacturing, and create new energy generation for a broad range of applications. Topics are:

  • Laser-assisted Manufacturing and Micro/Nano Fabrication
  • Renewable Energy Generation: Fusion and Photovoltaics
  • Environmental Monitoring and Sensing
  • Solid-State Lighting and Displays
  • Communications.


Translational Research

Papers from BiOS on the latest photonics technologies, tools, and techniques with high potential to impact healthcare. Topics are:

  • Photonic Therapeutics and Diagnostics
  • Neuophotonics, Neurosurgery, and Optogenetics
  • Tissue Optics, Laser-Tissue Interaction, and Tissue Engineering
  • Clinical Technologies and Systems
  • Biomedical Spectroscopy, Microscopy, and Imaging
  • Nano/Biophotonics.


3D Printing

Papers from BiOS, LASE, and OPTO on innovative ways to apply this multidimensional, multidisciplinary technology. Topics are:

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Selective Laser Melting, Maser Sintering, Laser Photopolymerization
  • Novel Materials, Protean Materials, and Laser Interactions
  • Software that Increases Efficiencies and Speed
  • In-situ Sensors or Probes to Verify and Quantify Additive Manufacturing Processes in Real Time
  • Conformal Photonics/Electronics.


Exhibiting companies, layout of the exhibition halls, product announcements, and product demonstration schedules:

BiOS Expo
13-14 February
210+ exhibiting companies

Photonics West Exhibition
16-18 February
1,200+ exhibiting companies

 SPIE Job Fair at Photonics West 2016 [video: 1:24]

SPIE Photonics West

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