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SPIE Medical Imaging Event News and Photos

JPEG SPIE Medical Imaging Logo

4-9 February 2012
Town and Country Resort and Convention Center, San Diego, California 

The latest in imaging, signal processing and biomedical modeling

SPIE Medical Imaging celebrated its 40th anniversary this year, at an event featuring more than 1,000 presentations in 6 conferences, courses taught by industry experts, and panel discussions led by leading researchers.

Presentations highlighted the latest research on topics such as the physics of medical imaging, image processing, and computer-aided diagnosis.


Innovation and translation

JPEG SPIE Medical Imaging Plenary Session

A plenary talk by Paul Chang, Univ. of Chicago School of Medicine, (above) provided insights on the translation of medical imaging innovation into clinical practice where it contributes to efficiency, diagnostic accuracy, and successful therapeutic outcomes. (Click on the link below for the video version of Chang's talk.)


See video of the conference keynote presentations and the 40th anniversary retrospective on SPIE.tv.


Big draws

The conference included a special session on Digital Pathology, with joint sessions among Image Processing, Computer-Aided Diagnosis, and Image Perception, Observer Performance, and Technology Assessment.

Special presentations included keynote speaker Keith Paulsen's (Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth) presentation on "Integration of 3D intraoperative ultrasound for enhanced neuronavigation," and "Pathology: why the future of medicines gold standard is to go digital," presented by Michael Becich (Univ. of Pittsburgh).

JPEG SPIE Medical Imaging Plenary Session

JPEG SPIE Medical Imaging Plenary Session

Honoring excellence

JPEG SPIE MEdical Imaging Awards
Symposium chairs Nico Karssemeijer of Radboud Univ. Nijmegan Medical Ctr. (above, at right) and Joseph Reinhardt of the Univ. of Iowa (at left) presented Ryan Datteri of Vanderbilt Univ. (center), with the first place Best Paper Award for his paper, "Estimation of rigid-body registration quality using registration networks." Raymond Acciavatti of the Univ. of Pennsylvania Health System (below center), was runner up for his paper, "Optimization of continuous tube motion and step-and-shoot motion in digital breast tomosynthesis systems with patient motion."
JPEG SPIE MEdical Imaging Awards
Best Paper finalists included Alexander Schmidt-Richberg (Univ. zu Lübeck ), Andrei Chekkoury (Siemens Corporate Research), Zahra Shirzadi (Univ. of Western Ontario), Fitsum Reda (Vanderbilt Univ.), Mohammadreza Negahdar (Univ. of Louisville), and Taiki Magome (Kyushu Univ.); below, finalists, winners, and conference chairs .
Medical Imaging best paper finalists JPEG

JPEG SPIE New Fellow
Above, former Medical Imaging Symposium Chair and SPIE Board Member Maryellen Giger of Univ. of Chicago Medical Ctr. congratulates new SPIE Fellow Rafat Ansari of NASA Glenn Research Center.


Posters, and more posters

SPIE Medical Imaging included two interactive poster receptions, and drew more than 700 attendees each evening to meet with authors and talk about their work.
JPEG SPIE Medical Imaging Poster Session

JPEG SPIE Medical Imaging Poster Session

JPEG SPIE Medical Imaging Poster Session

JPEG SPIE Medical Imaging Poster Session

JPEG SPIE Medical Imaging Poster Session