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Alzbeta Chorvatova

Independent Researcher, Responsible for Department of Biophotonics
International Laser Centre, Bratislava, Slovakia
Country of birth: Slovakia

Educational background: PhD Physiology, University Claude Bernard, France;
MS Biophysics and Chemical Physics, Comenius University, Slovakia


Alzbeta ChorvatovaWho or what inspired you to work in science/engineering?
My father (a biophysicist) inspired me by giving me access to amazing books and opening my eyes to the world of biophysics — seeing biology from the physics point of view and understanding the importance of the right choice of technology when studying living systems. This has driven me to my current research interests in optical fluorescence, and more specifically autofluorescence – investigations of (patho)physiological modifications of living cells and tissues.

Primary responsibilities of your current job
Our intention is to understand how a living cell—the cell of our body—changes in pathological conditions (disease). We perform experiments onliving cells using methods of biophotonics (methods that employ light in living systems) and test their responses to changes in their environment, to pharmaceutical drugs, etc. I lead a small team of scientists, teach students, search for financial support, and write scientfic papers and/or book chapters.

Advice you wish you had received when you were first starting out
This career is a life-long challenge. The gratification is not easily achieved, but every battle fought will bring a profound satisfaction through gathered knowledge and irreplaceable experience.