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Nola Li

Yield Engineer, Intel, Hillsboro, Oregon, USA
Country of birth: USA

Educational background: PhD and MS Electrical Engineering, Georgia Institute
of Technology; BS Electrical Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin

Halina Rubinsztein-DunlopA typical work day
My typical day consists of working with a team of engineers and scientists that span multiple areas of expertise to increase the production line yield of the next processor. We look at new wafers and data on a daily basis and analyze them for any defects that might appear. We suggest a set of changes and implement them in the process, so that down the line we can see if they affect the yield in a positive way.

What I enjoy most
I enjoy being able to work in an environment where new ideas are generated and put into action and everyone contributes in a professional way. It is a fascinating experience and makes you realize just what people are capable of doing when they put their minds to it.

Words of wisdom
Relax and take each day as it comes. If there is a problem, then talk to someone about it, because most likely they will listen and try to help.