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Nataliya Kundikova

Head of the Joint Nonlinear Optics Laboratory, Electrophysics Institute, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Science and South Ural State University; Head of the Optics and Spectroscopy Department and Dean of the School of Physics, South Ural State University, Russia
Country of birth: Byelorussia

Educational background: Two PhDs Physics, Moscow University, Russia

Souad LahmarA typical work day
A typical weekly routine consists of research work and discussing results with students, holding meetings to solve organizing problems, and teaching.

What I enjoy most
I most enjoy analyzing research results and solving unexpected problems. My early research was in the field of solid-state physics; namely, the transformation of crystalline quartz under neutron irradiation and Ramanspectroscopic diagnostics of corresponding processes. For 10 years I was employed by an industrial institute where I worked on how to create a
large-screen TV-projection system based on the semiconductor laser plate, pumped by a scanning high-voltage electron beam. In 1997 I received the Galileo Galilei Award from the International Commission for Optics for experimental investigations of the Optical Magnus Effect. Currently I am
investigating the effects connected with spin-orbit interaction of the photon and developing polarization optics methods to investigate those effects.

Words of wisdom
Be confident in your achievement of the best results in your field, enjoy your everyday work, and share your enjoyment with your colleagues.