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Kathleen Perkins

CEO, OpticsReport
Country of birth: USA
Country of residence: USA

Educational background: BS in marketing, St. Joseph's Univ.

Kathleen PerkinsA typical work day.
I work with international clients in photonics, solar, and medical sectors to develop and execute positioning growth strategies, with emphasis on elevating science to mainstream media. I also analyze and advise venture investors on potential acquisitions' software development process, sales, and marketing effectiveness. I provide clients translational science services, that is, convert their highly technical accomplishments to business content. In addition, I serve on multiple boards and committees, and mentor young professionals.

(Kathleen Perkins pictured third from left)

What I enjoy most.
Selling software to Nobel-prize-winning scientists.

Words of wisdom.
Know your value. Listen more, not less. Analyze an organization's culture, be it a university setting, founder company, or large multinational corporation. Look beyond the position description and product line(s) for alignment between the organization's intentions and actual achievements. Read The New York Times as a habit, all sections. Become a lifelong student of global cultures with regard to business practices, gender politics, and demographics.