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Angela Duparré

Head of Surface and Thin Film Characterization Group, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering
Country of birth: East Germany
Country of residence: Germany

Educational background: PhD degree in Physics, University of Jena

Angela DuparreA typical work day.
My research activities comprise the study of surface and thin film properties, with particular focus on light scattering, nano- and microstructures, roughness, and functional properties. This includes the development of new measurement and modelling techniques. Recently, we completed the development of synchrotron-independent, lab-sized equipment for scattering measurements in the extreme ultraviolet region at 13.5 nm. My group consists of young people (except for me) whom I very much enjoy to work with every day.

What I enjoy the most.
Right now, we are involved in several projects concerning tailored roughness structures for ultra-hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces with low scatter losses. These are extremely interesting topics which provide many thrilling results.

Words of wisdom.
Try to avoid bureaucracy stuff wherever you can to save as much time as possible for research.