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Mireille Commandré

Professor, Ecole Centrale Marseille
Head of the Research Team for Random Media and High Power Photonics
Fresnel Institute, Marseille, France
Country of origin: France

Photo of Mireille CommandreWhat I do.
I teach graduate students courses on solid state physics, semiconductor devices, and optoelectronics. My research interests include laser damage in optical materials, optical thin films, and optical characterization, especially photothermal techniques and thermal properties.

What I find exciting.
I enjoy working with young people, graduate or PhD students, contributing to their formation and personal development, and understanding and sharing their interests, motivations, and enthusiasm. It is an efficient way to keep a young and fresh mind. I appreciate working with intelligent people on a team, and sharing difficulties and successes, because it allows each of us to give the best and amplifies the possibilities. I also like to partake in the development of new and ambitious projects, scientific as well as human, especially in an international context.

What I wish someone had told me.
You have the ability to be everything: a good mother and girlfriend, a scientific researcher, a teacher, and a woman. It will not be easy and you will not be a superwoman, just a human being with a thrilling life. To quote Ghandi: Be the change that you want to see in the world.