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Virtual Laser Exhibit: Vintage and New Devices

First organized for SPIE Photonics West in January 2010, this virtual laser museum showcases vintage and new devices as part of SPIE Advancing the Laser: 50 Years and Into the Future and LaserFest anniversary tributes.Jeff Hecht visits the historic laser display at SPIE Photonics West Pieces from the display also have been shown as part of the LaserFest celebration at CLEO/QELS and as part of the Advancing the Laser/LaserFest celebration at SPIE Optics + Photonics in San Diego, California, in August. The exhibit will be on display through Fall Semester 2010 at the Univ. of Arizona Flandrau planetarium.

In a video tour of the exhibition, laser expert and author Jeff Hecht explains the significance of some of the items in the collection.

See the Virtual Collection:

1960 to 1969 - A Burst of Discovery

1970 to 1979 - A Precision Tool Finds Applications

1980 to 1989 - The Laser Enters Daily Life

1990 to 1999 - A Billion Dollar Marketplace

2000 to Present - Further Exploration