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In their own words: Interviews with laser researchers

Laser researchers talk about their latest advances, in SPIE Newsroom podcasts and video interviews.

New vistas in adaptive optics: laser guide star
(22 September 2009)

Yoel Fink: Imaging fabric and multimaterial fibers
(9 September 2009)

Ed Moses: The National Ignition Facility
(21 April 2009)

Robert Zawadzki: Imaging the eye
(9 April 2009)

Anthony Durkin: Photonics for dermatology applications
(20 March 2009)

Paras Prasad: New interfaces in nanobiophotonics
(23 March 2009)

Fred Dylla: Free electron lasers and more
(5 March 2008)

Rüdiger Brockmann: High-power disk lasers
(13 February 2008)

Harold Craighead: Optically transduced MEMS/NEMS resonators
(22 February 2008)

Charles Townes: Having fun with science
(15 February 2007)

DARPA Urban Challenge: Robots' day in the sun
(14 November 2007)

Upendra Singh: New frontiers in lasers
(15 August 2007)

Claire Gmachl: Quantum cascade lasers
(17 December 2006)

Andrew Brown: Fiber lasers
(17 July 2006)

SPIE Advancing the Laser 50th anniversary tribute