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Remote Sensing of the Ocean, Sea Ice, Coastal Waters, and Large Water Regions 2016
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Volume Number: 9999
Date Published: 28 November 2016
Softcover: 34 papers (342) pages
ISBN: 9781510604025

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9999
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A note on radar altimeter signatures of internal solitary waves in the ocean
Author(s): J. C. B. da Silva; A. L. F. Cerqueira
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Damping of short gravity-capillary waves due to oil derivatives film on the water surface
Author(s): Irina Sergievskaya; Stanislav Ermakov; Tatyana Lazareva
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ICESat-2 bathymetry: an empirical feasibility assessment using MABEL
Author(s): Nick Forfinski; Christopher Parrish
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Doppler shifts of radar return from the sea surface
Author(s): S. A. Ermakov; I. A. Kapustin; A. A. Molkov; I. A. Sergievskaya; O. V. Shomina
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SAR image simulation from composite sea-ship scene based on a weighted multipath model
Author(s): Min Zhang; Ye Zhao; Ding Nie
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Internal solitons in the Andaman Sea: a new look at an old problem
Author(s): J. C. B. da Silva; J. M. Magalhaes
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Analysis of the ice gyre extent in a sequence of Cosmo-SkyMed images
Author(s): M. Moctezuma-Flores; F. Parmiggiani
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Radar probing of surfactant films on the water surface using dual co-polarized SAR
Author(s): S. Ermakov; J. C. B. da Silva; I. Kapustin; A. Molkov; I. Sergievskaya; O. Shomina
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A decade of changing surface energy balance components over a large water region
Author(s): Pakorn Petchprayoon; Peter D. Blanken; Khalid Hussein; Waleed Abdalati; Siam Lawavirotwong
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Infrared polarimetric sensing of oil on water
Author(s): David B. Chenault; Justin P. Vaden; Douglas A Mitchell; Erik D. DeMicco
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Correction and evaluation of thermal infrared data acquired with two different airborne systems at the Elbe estuary
Author(s): Katharina Fricke; Björn Baschek; Alexander Jenal; Caspar Kneer; Immanuel Weber; Jens Bongartz; Jens Wyrwa; Andreas Schöl
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Applications of SMAP data to retrieval of ocean surface wind and salinity
Author(s): Simon Yueh; Alexander Fore; Wenqing Tang; Akiko Hayashi; Bryan Stiles; Fuqing Zhang; Yonghui Weng; Nicolas Real
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River plumes investigation using Sentinel-2A MSI and Landsat-8 OLI data
Author(s): Olga Yu. Lavrova; Dmitry M. Soloviev; Mikhail A. Strochkov; Tatiana Yu. Bocharova; Alexandr V. Kashnitsky
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Neural network retrievals of Karenia brevis harmful algal blooms in the West Florida Shelf (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Samir Ahmed; Ahmed El-Habashi
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Mapping of coral reefs using the combined bathymetric lidar and CASI datasets (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Charmaine A. Cruz; Ayin M. Tamondong; Gay A. Go
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Enhancing moderate-resolution ocean color products over coastal/inland waters (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Nima Pahlevan; John R. Schott; Giuseppe Zibordi
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Airborne hyperspectral sensor radiometric self-calibration using near-infrared properties of deep water and vegetation
Author(s): Kévin Barbieux; Vincent Nouchi; Bertrand Merminod
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Hyperspectral reflectance signature protocol for predicting subsurface bottom reflectance in water: in-situ and analytical methods
Author(s): Charles R. Bostater; Tyler Rotkiske; Taylor Oney
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Lyzenga multispectral bathymetry formula for Indonesian shallow coral reef: evaluation and proposed generalized coefficient
Author(s): Masita Dwi Mandini Manessa; Ariyo Kanno; Masahiko Sekine; Muhammad Haidar; Nurjannah Nurdin
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Improving the accuracies of bathymetric models based on multiple regression for calibration (case study: Sarca River, Italy)
Author(s): Milad Niroumand-Jadidi; Alfonso Vitti
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Analysis on long-term variability of sea ice albedo and its relationship with sea ice concentration over Antarctica
Author(s): Minji Seo; Hyun-cheol Kim; Noh-hun Seong; Chaeyoung Kwon; Honghee Kim; Kyung-Soo Han
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Assessment of satellite retrieval algorithms for chlorophyll-a concentration under high solar zenith angle
Author(s): Hao Li; Xianqiang He; Yan Bai; Xiaoyan Chen; Fang Gong; Qiankun Zhu; Zifeng Hu
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Retrieval of chlorophyll in Hangzhou Bay based on hyperspectral satellite
Author(s): Qiankun Zhu; Haiqing Huang; Feng Mao; Qiliang Hu; Qian Cheng
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Impact of sea surface temperature on satellite retrieval of sea surface salinity
Author(s): Xuchen Jin; Qiankun Zhu; Xianqiang He; Peng Chen; Difeng Wang; Zengzhou Hao; Haiqing Huang
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Effects of ocean products variability from PSF blurring in NIR band
Author(s): Eunsong Oh; Jae-Hyun Ahn; Seongick Cho; Ki-Beom Ahn; Young-Je Park; Suk-Whan Kim
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A temperature calibration method for CDOM fluorescence LIF LiDAR
Author(s): Peng Chen; Zhihua Mao; Haiqing Huang; Yan Bai; Tianyu Wang
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Satellite views of the massive algal bloom in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman during 2008-2009
Author(s): Shujie Yu; Fang Gong; Xianqiang He; Yan Bai; Qiankun Zhu; Difeng Wang; Peng Chen
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Investigation of electromagnetic backscattering from nearshore sea surfaces modulated by shoaling effect
Author(s): D. Nie; M. Zhang; J. Li
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A coordinated retrieval method for sea surface salinity based on SMOS and ocean color data
Author(s): Peng Chen; Tianyu Wang; Zhihua Mao; Yan Bai; Zengzhou Hao
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An improved profiling method for the measurement of hyperspectral diffuse attenuation coefficents in shallow turbid waters
Author(s): Li Ma; Bangyi Tao; Liangliang Shi; Qiankun Zhu
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Comparison and evaluation of atmospheric correction algorithms of QUAC, DOS, and FLAASH for HICO hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): Liangliang Shi; Zhihua Mao; Peng Chen; Sha'ou Han; Fang Gong; Qiankun Zhu
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Relationship of the wind-wave from HY-2 scatterometer and radar altimeter data
Author(s): Zengzhou Hao; Siqi Zhang; Fang Gong; Difeng Wang; Qiankun Zhu
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Evaluating of the rain effect on tropical rainfall mapping mission precipitation radar backscatter at low incidence angles
Author(s): Lin Ren; Jingsong Yang; Gang Zheng; Juan Wang
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The vertical distribution of the beam attenuation coefficient and its correlation to the particulate organic carbon in the north South China Sea
Author(s): Wansong Cui; Difeng Wang; Fang Gong; Yan Bai; Lin Zhang; Qiankun Zhu; Peng Chen
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Results of the Caspian Sea satellite survey: internal wave climate
Author(s): Marina I. Mityagina; Olga Yu. Lavrova
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A new mapping method of underwater bottom topography in the shallow sea by using SAR images
Author(s): Juan Wang; Huaguo Zhang; Jingsong Yang; Lin Ren; Xiaozhen Wang
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Underwater sky image as remote sensing instrument of sea roughness parameters and its variability
Author(s): Alexander A. Molkov; Lev S. Dolin; Ivan A. Kapustin; Irina A. Sergievskaya; Olga V. Shomina
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Monitoring thermal discharge from a nuclear plant through Landsat 8
Author(s): Difeng Wang; Delu Pan; Ji-An Wei; Fang Gong; Qiankun Zhu; Peng Chen
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Platforms for hyperspectral imaging, in-situ optical and acoustical imaging in urbanized regions
Author(s): Charles R. Bostater; Taylor Oney
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