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Infrared Remote Sensing and Instrumentation XXIV
Editor(s): Marija Strojnik
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Volume Number: 9973
Date Published: 13 December 2016
Softcover: 30 papers (334) pages
ISBN: 9781510603370

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9973
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
1/f noise QWIPs, superlattice, and nBn detectors
Author(s): S. D. Gunapala; S. B. Rafol; D. Z. Ting; A. Soibel; C. J. Hill; A. Khoshakhlagh; J. Nguyen; L. Baker; A. Fisher; J. K. Liu; J. M. Mumolo; S. A. Keo; B. Pepper
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Carrier transport in nBn infrared detectors
Author(s): David Z. Ting; Alexander Soibel; Arezou Khoshakhlagh; Sam A. Keo; Cory J. Hill; Anita M. Fisher; Edward M. Luong; John K. Liu; Jason M. Mumolo; Sir B. Rafol; Brian J. Pepper; Sarath D. Gunapala
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Infrared sensor by inkjet printing cytochrome c on suspending aluminum electrodes of post CMOS process
Author(s): Shuo-Feng Liang; Po-Hsien Yen; Guo-Dung John Su
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Innovative mid-infrared detector concepts
Author(s): Sven Höfling; Andreas Pfenning; Robert Weih; Albert Ratajczak; Fabian Hartmann; Georg Knebl; Martin Kamp; Lukas Worschech
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Photoresponse of resonant tunneling diode photodetectors as a function of bias voltage
Author(s): Andreas Pfenning; Fabian Hartmann; Fabian Langer; Martin Kamp; Sven Höfling; Lukas Worschech
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Radiative cooling for thermophotovoltaic systems
Author(s): Zhiguang Zhou; Xingshu Sun; Peter Bermel
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An infrared metamaterial selective absorber with emitter considering atmospheric absorption for low observability (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jagyeong Kim; Kiwook Han; Jae W. Hahn
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ScaRaB and CERES-Terra: results of the inter-comparison campaigns
Author(s): Thierry L. Trémas; Ouahid Aznay; Olivier Chomette
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Renovated GOSAT operation beyond the designed lifetime
Author(s): Hiroshi Suto; Akihiko Kuze; Kei Shiomi; Masakatsu Nakajima
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An echelle diffraction grating for imaging spectrometer
Author(s): Minyue Yang; Han Wang; Mingyu Li; Jian-Jun He
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JWST's near infrared spectrograph status and performance overview
Author(s): Maurice Te Plate; Stephan Birkmann; Marco Sirianni; Peter Rumler; Peter Jensen; Ralf Ehrenwinkler; Peter Mosner; Hermann Karl; Robert Rapp; Ray Wright; Rai Wu
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Design and instrumentation of an airborne far infrared radiometer for in-situ measurements of ice clouds
Author(s): Christian Proulx; Linh Ngo Phong; Frédéric Lamontagne; Min Wang; Bruno Fisette; Louis Martin; François Châteauneuf
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Study of imaging radar using ultra-wideband microwave-modulated infrared laser
Author(s): Atsushi Mase; Yuichiro Kogi; Hiroyuki Ikezi; Masaaki Inutake; Xiaolong Wang
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Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA)
Author(s): E. E. Becklin; E. T. Young; M. L. Savage
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Deutsches SOFIA Institut (DSI) at the SOFIA Science Center: engineering and scientific contributions to the airborne observatory
Author(s): Jürgen Wolf; Sebastian Colditz; Michael Lachenmann; Enrico Pfüller; Karsten Schindler; Manuel Wiedemann; Hans Zinnecker; Alfred Krabbe
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SOFIA tracking image simulation
Author(s): Charles R. Taylor; Michael A. K. Gross
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SOFIA pointing and chopping: performance and prospect
Author(s): Andreas Reinacher; Yannick Lammen; Friederike Graf; Holger Jakob
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Science ground operations for the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy
Author(s): Z. A. Ali; P. Alvarez; D. Black; G. Ediss; S. Granen; K. Hanna; M. Kandlagunta; C. Koerber; J. Lott; G. Perryman; E. Sandberg; L. Tanaka; P. Waddell; C. Kaminski; W. Latter
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SOFIA: flight planning and execution
Author(s): K. Leppik
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Telescope stray light: early experience with SOFIA
Author(s): Patrick Waddell; Eric E. Becklin; Ryan T. Hamilton; William D. Vacca; Michael Lachenmann
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Science with FORCAST, the mid-IR imager and grism spectrometer for SOFIA (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): L. Andrew Helton
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67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko-Rosetta mission shortly before second landing on a comet: a review
Author(s): Gabriele E. Arnold
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The Venus Emissivity Mapper (VEM) concept
Author(s): Joern Helbert; Dennis Wendler; Ingo Walter; Thomas Widemann; Emmanuel Marcq; Gabriel Guignan; Sabrina Ferrari; Alessandro Maturilli; Nils Mueller; David Kappel; Judit Jaenchen; Mario D'Amore; Anko Boerner; Darby Dyar; Gabriele E. Arnold; Suzanne Smrekar
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Novel processor architecture for onboard infrared sensors
Author(s): Hiroki Hihara; Akira Iwasaki; Nobuo Tamagawa; Mitsunobu Kuribayashi; Masanori Hashimoto; Yukio Mitsuyama; Hiroyuki Ochi; Hidetoshi Onodera; Hiroyuki Kanbara; Kazutoshi Wakabayashi; Munehiro Tada
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HP3-RAD: a compact radiometer design with on-site calibration for in-situ exploration
Author(s): Emanuel Kopp; Nils Mueller; Matthias Grott; Ingo Walter; Jörg Knollenberg; Frank Hanschke; Ernst Kessler; Hans-Georg Meyer
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Single mode optical fiber vibration sensor: design and development
Author(s): L. E. Alanis-Carranza; J. A. Alvarez-Chavez; G. G. Perez-Sanchez; A. Sierra-Calderon; J. C. Rodriguez-Novelo
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Shearing interferometer with adjustable optical path difference for exoplanet detection
Author(s): Beethoven Bravo-Medina; G. Garcia-Torales; Marija Strojnik; Jorge L. Flores; E. de la Fuente
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Characterization of mechanical shock waves in aluminum 6061-T6 using a high power laser pulse
Author(s): J. R. Gonzalez Romero; G. García-Torales; G. Gómez Rosas; J. L. Ocaña; Jorge L. Flores
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Statistical evaluation of the performance of an optimized adaptive optics arm for retinal imaging flood system
Author(s): J. L. Magaña Chávez; J. Medina-Márquez; L. G. Valdivieso-González; S. E. Balderas-Mata
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An efficient computational phase extraction from arbitrary phase-shifted fringes patterns
Author(s): Sotero Ordoñes; Antonio Muñoz; Eduardo de la Fuente; Jorge L. Flores
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Black-body radiation, emissivity, and absorptivity
Author(s): M. Strojnik; M. K. Scholl; G. Garcia-Torales
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Engineering intelligent structures for energy efficiency
Author(s): M. Strojnik; G. Garcia-Torales; M. K. Scholl; T. Kranjc
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