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Advances in Laboratory-based X-Ray Sources, Optics, and Applications V
Editor(s): Ali M. Khounsary; Gert E. van Dorssen
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Volume Number: 9964
Date Published: 3 January 2017
Softcover: 12 papers (94) pages
ISBN: 9781510603196

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9964
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A compact, coherent light source system architecture
Author(s): S. G. Biedron; G. Dattoli; E. DiPalma; J. Einstein; S. V. Milton; V. Petrillo; J. V. Rau; E. Sabia; I. P. Spassovsky; P. J. M. van der Slot
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Advanced controls for light sources
Author(s): S. G. Biedron; A. L. Edelen; S. V. Milton
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Image-based characterization of microfocus x-ray target failure
Author(s): Vance S. Robinson; Thomas Raber; William R. Ross
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Simulations of laser undulators
Author(s): S. V. Milton; S. B. Biedron; J. E. Einstein
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A case for ZnO nanowire field emitter arrays in advanced x-ray source applications
Author(s): Vance S. Robinson; Magnus Bergkvist; Daokun Chen; Jun Chen; Mengbing Huang
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Development of polycapillary x-ray optics for x-ray spectroscopy
Author(s): Bernhard W. Adams; Klaus Attenkofer; Justin L. Bond; Christopher A. Craven; Till Cremer; Aileen O'Mahony; Michael J. Minot; Mark A. Popecki
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Large field-of-view asymmetric masks for high-energy x-ray phase imaging with standard x-ray tube
Author(s): M. Endrizzi; A. Astolfo; B. Price; I. Haig; A. Olivo
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Development and tests of x-ray multifoil optical system for 1D imaging (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Ladislav Pína; René Hudec; Adolf J. Inneman; Tomas Baca; M. Blazek; M. Platkevic; Ladislav Sieger; Daniela Doubravova; Randall L. McEntaffer; Ted B. Schultz; Vladimír Dániel
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Amplitude beam splitting of x-rays (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Werner H. Jark; Diane Eichert
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Simulation tools for analyzer-based x-ray phase contrast imaging system with a conventional x-ray source
Author(s): Oriol Caudevilla; Wei Zhou; Stanislav Stoupin; Boris Verman; J. G. Brankov
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X-ray phase scanning setup for non-destructive testing using Talbot-Lau interferometer
Author(s): S. Bachche; M. Nonoguchi; K. Kato; M. Kageyama; T. Koike; M. Kuribayashi; A. Momose
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High-resolution radiography of thick steel objects using an all-laser-driven MeV-energy x-ray source
Author(s): Daniel Haden; Shouyuan Chen; Baozhen Zhao; Ping Zhang; Grigory Golovin; Wenchao Yan; Colton Fruhling; Sudeep Banerjee; Donald Umstadter
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Laboratory-based x-ray phase-contrast tomography enables 3D virtual histology
Author(s): Mareike Töpperwien; Martin Krenkel; Felix Quade; Tim Salditt
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Laboratory and synchrotron tests of two-dimensional parabolic x-ray compound refractive lens made of single-crystal diamond
Author(s): M. Polikarpov; A. Barannikov; D. Zverev; S. A. Terentiev; S. N. Polyakov; S. I. Zholudev; S. Yu. Martyushov; V. N. Denisov; N. V. Kornilov; I. Snigireva; V. D. Blank; A. Snigirev
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