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Reflection, Scattering, and Diffraction from Surfaces V
Editor(s): Leonard M. Hanssen
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Volume Number: 9961
Date Published: 22 November 2016
Softcover: 29 papers (336) pages
ISBN: 9781510603134

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9961
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Linking Rayleigh-Rice theory with near linear shift invariance in light scattering phenomena
Author(s): John C. Stover; Sven Schroeder; Chris Staats; Vladimir Lopushenko; Eugene Church
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Comparison of the GHSSmooth and the Rayleigh-Rice surface scatter theories
Author(s): James E. Harvey; Richard N. Pfisterer
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Nonlocal scattering tensor due to electromagnetic coupling of surface plasmons to dirac plasmons in graphene
Author(s): D. H. Huang; O. Roslyak; G. Gumbs; W. Pan; A. A. Maradudin
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Derivation of realistic surface and particulate scatter transfer functions and their application to incoherent imaging of high-contrast fine-detail scenes
Author(s): Alan W. Greynolds
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Mueller matrix bidirectional reflectance distribution function measurements and modeling of textured silicon surfaces
Author(s): Thomas A. Germer; Martin Foldyna; Zuzana Mrazkova; Guillaume Fischer; Etienne Drahi
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A novel image-based BRDF measurement system and its application to human skin
Author(s): Jeffrey R. Bintz; Michael J. Mendenhall; Michael A. Marciniak; Samuel D. Butler; James Tommy Lloyd
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Goniometric and hemispherical reflectance and transmittance measurements of fused silica diffusers
Author(s): Paul Lemaillet; Heather J. Patrick; Thomas A. Germer; Leonard Hanssen; B. Carol Johnson; Georgi T. Georgiev
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Photon-material interaction based on single silt diffraction
Author(s): Nithin Kumar Goona; P. S. Reddy; G. R. C. Reddy; Priya Singh
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Portable fluorescence meter with reference backscattering channel
Author(s): Dmitriy V. Kornilin; Vladimir N. Grishanov; Valery P. Zakharov; Dmitriy S. Burkov
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A simple model of a one-dimensional, randomly rough, non-Gaussian surface
Author(s): E. R. Méndez; G. D. Jiménez; A. A. Maradudin
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Evolution of the transfer function characterization of surface scatter phenomena
Author(s): James E. Harvey; Richard N. Pfisterer
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Determination of the normalized surface height autocorrelation function of a two-dimensional randomly rough dielectric surface by the inversion of light scattering data in p-polarization
Author(s): J. B. Kryvi; I. Simonsen; A. A. Maradudin
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Analysis of wave optics BRDF model elements for a moderately rough surface
Author(s): Samuel E. Freda; Samuel D. Butler; Stephen E. Nauyoks; Michael A. Marciniak
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Measurement of the modulation transfer function of x-ray scintillators via heterodyne speckles (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Michele Manfredda; Marzio Giglio
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Development of twin-illumination and subtraction technique for detection of concave and convex defects on steel surfaces
Author(s): Hiroaki Ono; Akihiro Ogawa; Takahiro Yamasaki; Takahiro Koshihara; Toshifumi Kodama; Yukinori Iizuka; Takahiko Oshige
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Enhanced sensitivity for optical loss measurement in planar thin-films (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Hua-Kang Yuan
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The design of microscope type spectral reflectometry for the depth measurement of high-aspect-ratio through silicon via
Author(s): Hsiang-Chun Wei; Chun-Wei Lo; Chih-Shang Liu
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Automatic construction of probabilistic dynamic bidirectional reflectance distribution functions from reflection screen images
Author(s): Albert Bailey; Edward Early; Paul Kennedy; Robert Thomas
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Two-dimensional PSF prediction of multiple-reflection optical systems with rough surfaces
Author(s): Kashmira Tayabaly; Daniele Spiga; Giorgia Sironi; Giovani Pareschi; Michele Lavagna
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Matrix methods for reflective inverse diffusion
Author(s): Kenneth W. Burgi; Michael A. Marciniak; Stephen E. Nauyoks; Mark E. Oxley
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Zernike polynomials for mid-spatial frequency representation on optical surfaces
Author(s): Zahra Hosseinimakarem; Angela D. Davies; Chris J. Evans
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Optical 3D imaging and visualization of concealed objects
Author(s): G. Berginc; J.-B. Bellet; I. Berechet; S. Berechet
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Extended-range AFM imaging for applications to reflectance modeling
Author(s): Brian G. Hoover; Pablo A. Reyes
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Topography measurement of freeform specular surfaces using experimental ray tracing and radial basis functions
Author(s): A. Alinoori; M. Essameldin; F. Fleischmann; T. Henning
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On-axis reverse Hartmann test in aspheric optical surface test with the optical flat calibration
Author(s): Zhengzheng Xia; Mei Hui; Zhu Zhao; Ming Liu; Liquan Dong; Xiaohua Liu; Lingqin Kong; Yuejin Zhao
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Real-time diameter measurement using diffuse light
Author(s): Xiaohe Luo; Mei Hui; Qiudong Zhu; Shanshan Wang
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Proposal for study on IR light and glucose phantom interaction for human glucose quantification applications
Author(s): Gerardo S. Romo-Cárdenas; Juan D. Sanchez-Lopez; Juan I. Nieto-Hipolito; María Cosio-León; Priscy Luque-Morales; Mabel Vazquez-Briseno
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Study on inverse estimation of radiative properties from directional radiances by using statistical RPSO algorithm
Author(s): Kuk-Il Han; Do-Hwi Kim; Jun-Hyuk Choi; Tae-Kuk Kim; Jong-Jin Shin
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Methods of processing biomedical image of retinal macular region of the eye
Author(s): S. V. Pavlov; V. B. Vassilenko; I. R. Saldan; D. V. Vovkotrub; A. A. Poplavskaya; O. O. Kuzin
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Spatial attributes of diffraction free fields
Author(s): J. Munoz-Lopez; G. Martinez-Niconoff; P. Martinez-Vara; S. I. De los Santos G.; M. A. Torres-Rodrìguez
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Use of optical skin phantoms for calibration of dermatological lasers
Author(s): M. S. Wróbel; A. Sękowska; M. Marchwiński; S. Galla; A. Cenian
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