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Laser Beam Shaping XVII
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Volume Number: 9950
Date Published: 30 December 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9950
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Refractive beam shapers for focused laser beams
Author(s): Alexander Laskin; Vadim Laskin; Aleksei Ostrun
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Compact demultiplexing of optical vortices by means of diffractive transformation optics
Author(s): G. Ruffato; M. Massari; F. Romanato
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Ray mapping approach in double freeform surface design for collimated beam shaping
Author(s): Christoph Bösel; Herbert Gross
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Insensitive and modular gauss to top-hat beam shaping with aspheres
Author(s): A. Möhl; S. Wickenhagen; U. Fuchs
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Optical lenses design and experimental investigations of a dynamic focusing unit for a CO2 laser scanning system
Author(s): Wei Chen; Yue Xu; Huaxin Zhang; Peng Liu; Guohua Jiao
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Optical metrology with structured light
Author(s): Carmelo Rosales-Guzmán; Aniceto Belmonte; Juan P. Torres
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Optical communications beyond orbital angular momentum
Author(s): Carmelo Rosales-Guzmán; Abderrahmen Trichili; Angela Dudley; Bienvenu Ndagano; Amine Ben Salem; Mourad Zghal; Andrew Forbes
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Generation of self-healing beams via four-wave mixing optical mode conversion
Author(s): Onur Danaci; Christian Rios; Ryan T. Glasser
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Understanding Laser Beam Quality Beyond M2
Author(s): Y. G. Soskind; M. G. Soskind
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Vector quality measure for vector beams
Author(s): Hend Sroor; Bienvenu Ndagano; Melanie McLaren; Carmelo Rosales-Guzman; Andrew Forbes
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Real-time measurement of laser beam quality factor by the Fresnel phase-retrieval method
Author(s): Pao-Keng Yang; Jian-You Liu; Yung-Chieh Chen; Chia-En Hsu
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Topological insulators based passively Q-switched fiber laser with cylindrical-vector beam emission
Author(s): Ke Yan; Jian Lin; Yong Zhou; Chun Gu; Lixin Xu; Anting Wang; Qiwen Zhan
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Automatic low-order aberration compensator for solid-state slab lasers
Author(s): Xin Yu; Lizhi Dong; Boheng Lai; Ping Yang; Qingfeng Kong; Kangjian Yang; Yong Liu; Guomao Tang; Bing Xu
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Active beam shaping in multi-levels amplification system
Author(s): Tianzhuo Zhao; Zhongwei Fan; Jisi Qiu; Xiongxin Tang; Weiran Lin; Hongbo Zhang
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Digital holography techniques for optical interference
Author(s): Benjamin Perez-Garcia; David Gossman; Raul I. Hernandez-Aranda; Andrew Forbes
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Physical and encoded Q-plates for the generation of switchable vector beams
Author(s): Ignacio Moreno; María del Mar Sánchez-López; Jeffrey A. Davis; Katherine Badham; Sam W. Delaney; Don M. Cottrell; Nobuyuki Hashimoto; Ayano Tanabe; Makoto Kurihara
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Beam shaping using topological axicons (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Artur Aleksanyan; Albertas Žukauskas; Benjamin Sanchez-Padilla; Mangirdas Malinauskas; Etienne Brasselet
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Exploiting a robust [pi]/2 mode converter for high-order orbital angular momentum detection
Author(s): Wuhong Zhang; Jie Zhou; Lixiang Chen
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Measuring OAM states of vortex beams with a sectorial screen
Author(s): Ruishan Chen; Xiaoqiang Zhang; Yong Zhou; Anting Wang
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Thulium-doped all-fiber mode-locked laser synchronously pumping by a fiber laser
Author(s): Gen Li; Yangyang Hu; Ke Yan; Chun Zhang; Junyi Zhang; Chun Gu; Lixin Xu
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Shaping nondiffracting beams with a differential operator approach
Author(s): Dorilian Lopez-Mago; Julio C. Gutiérrez-Vega
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Internal energy flows in composite optical vortices
Author(s): Manuel F. Ferrer-Garcia; Dorilian Lopez-Mago; Raul I. Hernandez-Aranda
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Black synthetic quartz glass layer for optical fiber cross-talk reduction fabricated by VAD method
Author(s): Soichi Kobayashi; Kaoru Fukuda; Gen Onishi; Yusuke Fujii
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Mode coupling enhancement by astigmatism compensation in a femtosecond laser cavity
Author(s): Gustavo Castro-Olvera; Jesus Garduño-Mejía; Martha Rosete-Aguilar; Carlos J. Roman-Moreno
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Computer modeling of laser beam reshaper based on aspherical telescopic system
Author(s): Anna Voznesenskaya; Maria Orekhova
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Digital control of spatial coherence in vortex beams
Author(s): Benjamin Perez-Garcia; Adad Yepiz; Raul I. Hernandez-Aranda; Andrew Forbes; Grover A. Swartzlander Jr.
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Implementation of Deutsch and Deutsch-Jozsa algorithms with classical light
Author(s): Benjamin Perez-Garcia; Jason Francis; Melanie McLaren; Sandeep K. Goyal; Raul I. Hernandez-Aranda; Andrew Forbes; Thomas Konrad
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Progress in Na laser guide star adaptive optics and lessons learned
Author(s): Katharine J. Jones
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