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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 9931 • new

Spintronics IX
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Volume Number: 9931
Estimated Publication Date: 29 September 2016
Softcover: 31 papers (418) pages
ISBN: 9781510602533

Table of Contents
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The effect of fringe fields from patterned magnetic domains on the electroluminescence of organic light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Nicholas J. Harmon; Markus Wohlgennant; Michael E. Flatté
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Leaky modes of dielectric cavities
Author(s): Masud Mansuripur; Miroslav Kolesik; Per Jakobsen
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High-frequency operation of spin vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers: towards 100 GHz
Author(s): Nils C. Gerhardt; Markus Lindemann; Tobias Pusch; Rainer Michalzik; Martin R. Hofmann
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Comparative analysis of energy-efficient long wavebands vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Author(s): Sandeep Dahiya; Hemant Kumar Mishra; Suresh Kumar; Brajesh Kumar Kaushik
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Spin-photonic devices based on optical integration of Pancharatnam-Berry phase elements
Author(s): Junxiao Zhou; Yachao Liu; Yougang Ke; Yuanyuan Liu; Hailu Luo; Shuangchun Wen
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Electric polarization control of magnetoresistance in complex oxide heterojunctions
Author(s): Adrian G. Swartz; Hisashi Inoue; Harold Y. Hwang
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Oxygen-vacancy driven tunnelling spintronics across MgO
Author(s): U. Halisdemir; F. Schleicher; D. J. Kim; B. Taudul; D. Lacour; W. S. Choi; M. Gallart; S. Boukari; G. Schmerber; V. Davesne; P. Panissod; D. Halley; H. Majjad; Y. Henry; B. Leconte; A. Boulard; D. Spor; N. Beyer; C. Kieber; E. Sternitzky; O. Cregut; M. Ziegler; F. Montaigne; J. Arabski; E. Beaurepaire; W. Jo; M. Alouani; P. Gilliot; M. Hehn; M. Bowen
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Novel compact model for multi-level spin torque magnetic tunnel junctions
Author(s): Sanjay Prajapati; Shivam Verma; Anant Aravind Kulkarni; Brajesh Kumar Kaushik
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Spin-transfer torque switched magnetic tunnel junctions in magnetic random access memory
Author(s): Jonathan Z. Sun
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Discussions on switching mechanism for ultimate reduction in energy consumption for STT-MRAM
Author(s): H. Yoda; N. Shimomura
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Optomagnetism and ultrafast spintronics via optical vortices
Author(s): A. F. Schäffer; J. Wätzel; J. Berakdar
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Coherent manipulation of nuclear spins using spin injection from a half-metallic spin source
Author(s): Tetsuya Uemura; Takafumi Akiho; Yuya Ebina; Masafumi Yamamoto
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Four states magnetic dots: a design selection by micromagnetic modeling
Author(s): D. Louis; T. Hauet; S. Petit-Watelot; D. Lacour; M. Hehn; F. Montaigne
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Realizing artificial spin ice states for magnetic colloids on optical trap arrays
Author(s): A. Libál; C. M. Reichhardt; C. J. Olson Reichhardt
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Access to long-term optical memories using photon echoes retrieved from electron spins in semiconductor quantum wells
Author(s): S. V. Poltavtsev; L. Langer; I. A. Yugova; M. Salewski; Y. V. Kapitonov; D. R. Yakovlev; G. Karczewski; T. Wojtowicz; I. A. Akimov; M. Bayer
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Spin injection, spin detection, and resonant spin transmission through single and double ferromagnetic/nonmagnetic Esaki barriers
Author(s): Pedro Pereyra; Dieter Weiss
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New relativistic Hamiltonian: the angular magnetoelectric coupling
Author(s): Charles Paillard; Ritwik Mondal; Marco Berritta; Brahim Dkhil; Surendra Singh; Peter M. Oppeneer; Laurent Bellaiche
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Layer coupling and read disturbances in a buffered magnetic logic environment
Author(s): Thomas Windbacher; Alexander Makarov; Viktor Sverdlov; Siegfried Selberherr
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CMAT non-volatile spintronic computing: complementary MTJ logic
Author(s): Joseph S. Friedman
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Transient grating generation of ultrafast surface magneto-elastic waves
Author(s): Chia-Lin Chang; Julius Janušonis; Vladimir M. Vlasov; Alexey M. Lomonosov; Vasily V. Temnov; Ra'anan I. Tobey
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Topological magnon insulators: Chern numbers and surface magnons
Author(s): Alexander Mook; Jürgen Henk; Ingrid Mertig
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Shape-dependence of the barrier for skyrmions on a two-lane racetrack
Author(s): Jan Müller
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Magneto-optical effects in topological insulators
Author(s): Wang-Kong Tse
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Magneto-strain driven quantum engine on a graphene flake
Author(s): E. Muñoz; F. J. Peña
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Simple and advanced ferromagnet/molecule spinterfaces
Author(s): M. Gruber; F. Ibrahim; F. Djedhloul; C. Barraud; G. Garreau; S. Boukari; H. Isshiki; L. Joly; E. Urbain; M. Peter; M. Studniarek; V. Da Costa; H. Jabbar; H. Bulou; V. Davesne; U. Halisdemir; J. Chen; D. Xenioti; J. Arabski; K. Bouzehouane; C. Deranlot; S. Fusil; E. Otero; F. Choueikani; K. Chen; P. Ohresser; F. Bertran; P. Le Fèvre; A. Taleb-Ibrahimi; W. Wulfhekel; S. Hajjar-Garreau; P. Wetzel; P. Seneor; R. Mattana; F. Petroff; F. Scheurer; W. Weber; M. Alouani; E. Beaurepaire; M. Bowen
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Accessing and probing of the photo-induced hidden state in 1T-TaS2 with time- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
Author(s): Isabella Avigo; Igor Vaskivskyi; Manuel Ligges; Matthias Kalläne; Kai Rossnagel; Ljupka Stojchevska; Dragan Mihailović; Uwe Bovensiepen
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Edge current in a small chiral superconductor
Author(s): Shu-Ichiro Suzuki; Yasuhiro Asano
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Growth and oxidation of vanadium ultra-thin buffer layers on Fe(001)
Author(s): A. Picone; D. Giannotti; M. Finazzi; F. Ciccacci; A. Brambilla
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Dependence of quantum kinetic effects in the spin dynamics of diluted magnetic semiconductors on the excitation conditions
Author(s): M. Cygorek; F. Ungar; P. I. Tamborenea; V. M. Axt
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Geometric phase gradient and spin Hall effect of light
Author(s): Xiaohui Ling; Xinxing Zhou; Cheng-Wei Qiu
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Frequency tuning of polarization oscillations in spin-lasers
Author(s): Markus Lindemann; Nils C. Gerhardt; Martin R. Hofmann; Tobias Pusch; Rainer Michalzik
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