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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 9921 • new

Plasmonics: Design, Materials, Fabrication, Characterization, and Applications XIV
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Volume Number: 9921
Estimated Publication Date: 29 September 2016
Softcover: 0 papers () pages
ISBN: 9781510602335

Table of Contents
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Extraordinary local angular momentum near metallic nanoparticles
Author(s): Alessandro Alabastri; Xiao Yang; Alejandro Manjavacas; Henry O. Everitt; Peter Nordlander
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Nonlinear scattering in plasmonic nanostructures
Author(s): Shi-Wei Chu
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General eigenstates of Maxwell's equations in a two-constituent composite medium and their application to a calculation of the local electric field in a flat-slab microstructure
Author(s): Asaf Farhi; David J. Bergman
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Fabrication of deep-profile Al-doped ZnO one- and two-dimensional lattices as plasmonic elements
Author(s): Flemming Jensen; Evgeniy Shkondin; Osamu Takayama; Pernille V. Larsen; Mikkel D. Mar; Radu Malureanu; Andrei V. Lavrinenko
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New numerical methods for the design of efficient nonlinear plasmonic sources of light and nanosensors
Author(s): J. Butet; G. D. Bernasconi; K.-Y. Yang; O. J. F. Martin
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Characterization of multiphoton emission from aggregated gold nano particles
Author(s): Akira Eguchi; Phat Lu; Youngsik Kim; Tom D. Milster
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Spatio-temporal imaging of surface plasmon polaritons in two photon photoemission microscopy
Author(s): Frank J. Meyer zu Heringdorf; Daniel Podbiel; Nicolai Raß; Andreas Makris; Niemma M. Buckanie; Philip A. Kahl
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Refractometers for different refractive index range by surface plasmon resonance sensors in multimode optical fibers with different metals
Author(s): P. Zuppella; Alain J. Corso; Maria G. Pelizzo; N. Cennamo; L. Zeni
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Second-order nonlinearities of 2D periodic arrays of Au nanorods at surface plasmon resonances
Author(s): A. Sugita; S. Nihashi; A. Ono; Y. Kawata
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Fine-tune the spectrum of indium-tin-oxide nanorod arrays in the visible range
Author(s): Peijun Guo; Benjamin T. Diroll; John B. Ketterson; Richard D. Schaller; Robert P. H. Chang
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Design of plasmonic near-field transducers in heat-assisted magnetic recording: 1D Fourier approach
Author(s): C. H. Gan; R. Fernandez-Garcia; M. J. Hardy; A. Neira; S. Bance; M. A. Gubbins
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Nanoscale tailored plasmonic material for optimum broadband solar harvesting
Author(s): Dominic Zerulla; Éadaoin McClean-Ilten
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Enhanced quality factor in silver nanotubes
Author(s): J. M. Nápoles-Duarte; P. I. Escobedo; M. A. Chavez; Luz M. Rodríguez; María E. Fuentes; Armando de la Vega-Cobos; Emiliano Zapato-Chavez; L. P. Ramírez-Rodríguez; Raúl García; Jorge A. Gaspar Armenta
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Surface-enhanced Raman scattering: effective optical constants for electric field modelling of nanostructured Ag films
Author(s): M. Nilusha M. N. Perera; Daniel Schmidt; W. E. Keith Gibbs; Saulius Juodkazis; Paul R. Stoddart
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Fast and accurate detection of cancer cell using a versatile three-channel plasmonic sensor
Author(s): M. Hoseinian; A. R. Ahmadi; M. A. Bolorizadeh
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Numerical analysis for characterization of the gold nanorod mediated-plasmonic heating with temporary NIR laser radiation for superficial breast cancer therapy
Author(s): Ji Yong Bae; Ki-Hwan Nam; Chan Bae Jeong; Geon-Hee Kim; Ki-Soo Chang
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Absorption of harmonic light in plasmonic nanostructures
Author(s): Maria A. Vincenti; Domenico de Ceglia; Michael Scalora
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Fano resonances based on nanoscale plasmonic structure
Author(s): Yundong Zhang; Hui Li; Yongfeng Wu; Changqiu Yu; Ping Yuan
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Research of the applications of ITO in microwave-range surface plasmon waves
Author(s): Senfeng Lai; Wen Wu; Wenhua Gu
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Enhancement in device performance of hepta-layer coupled InGaAs quantum dot infrared detector by AuGe surface plasmons
Author(s): Sushil K. Pandey; Lavi Tyagi; Hemant J. Ghadi; Harshal Rawool; Subhananda Chakrabarti
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The design and analysis of a noble surface plasmon resonance-based pressure sensor
Author(s): Manish Kumar; Sanjeev K. Raghuwanshi; Vikram Palodiya
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Tuning Fano resonances of graphene-based gratings
Author(s): Domenico de Ceglia; Maria Antonietta Vincenti; Marco Grande; Giuseppe Valerio Bianco; Giovanni Bruno; Antonella D'Orazio; Michael Scalora
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UV-visible transmission through nanohole arrays in aluminum and magnesium
Author(s): Jieying Mao; Yunshan Wang; Kanagasundar Appusamy; Sivaraman Guruswamy; Steve Blair
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Plasmon spectra of binary Ag-Cu mixtures supported in mordenite
Author(s): Catalina López-Bastidas; Elena Smolentseva; Vitalii P. Petranovskii; Roberto Machorro
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Description of resonant processes in the dipole moment interaction
Author(s): M. Vargas Morales; M. A. Torres Rodríguez; S. I. De Los Santos García; A. García Guzman; G. Martínez Niconoff
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Effect of distance-dependent plasmonic coupling between gold nanorods and silicon substrate on second harmonic generation
Author(s): Cindy J. Valencia Caicedo; Marco A. Garcia Zarate; Elena Chaikina; Anatoly V. Khomenko
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Plasmonic transparent conductors
Author(s): Andreas C. Liapis; Matthew Y. Sfeir; Charles T. Black
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Adaptive system able to switch between angular resolved SPR and SPR imaging
Author(s): Alberto Donazzan; Alain Jody Corso; Paola Zuppella; Maria Guglielmina Pelizzo
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Plasmon interactions kind Pearcey
Author(s): M. A. Torres Rodríguez; S. I. De Los Santos García; M. Vargas Morales; P. Martínez Vara; G. Martínez Niconoff
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