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Fourth International Conference on Wireless and Optical Communications
Editor(s): Maode Ma
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Volume Number: 9902
Date Published: 8 December 2016
Softcover: 37 papers (242) pages
ISBN: 9781510601550

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Front Matter: Volume 9902
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Performance of DP-QDQ compared with DP-16QAM, DP-64QAM and DP-256QAM
Author(s): Chun Chang; Benxiong Huang; Zhengguang Xu; Bin Li
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Close-form expression of one-tap normalized LMS carrier phase recovery in optical communication systems
Author(s): Tianhua Xu; Gunnar Jacobsen; Sergei Popov; Jie Li; Tiegen Liu; Yimo Zhang
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Research on advanced modulation formats of high-speed optical communication system
Author(s): Ning Jia; Jincai Lin
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Modeling of visible light channel based on matrix reconstruction
Author(s): Wei Liu; Xian Zhou; Jiahao Huo; Kaili Yan
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Modified μ-law Companding For LED Nonlinearity Alleviation in DCO-OFDM VLC System
Author(s): Chaowen Yan; Jianping Wang; Huimin Lu; Yinjia Shi
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Design of optical transmitting antenna with enhance performance in visible light communication
Author(s): Dang Kuang; Jianping Wang; Huimin Lu
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Adaptive channel estimation for soft decision decoding over non-Gaussian optical channel
Author(s): Jing-song Xiang; Tao-tao Miao; Sheng Huang; Huan-lin Liu
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A multiple-source consecutive localization algorithm based on quantized measurement for wireless sensor network
Author(s): Hao Chu; Chengdong Wu
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S-TSP: a novel routing algorithm for In-network processing of recursive computation in wireless sensor networks
Author(s): Tingfang Tang; Peng Guo; Xuefeng Liu
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ESAM: Endocrine inspired Sensor Activation Mechanism for multi-target tracking in WSNs
Author(s): Omar Adil Mahdi; Ainuddin Wahid Abdul Wahab; Mohd Yamani Idna Idris; Ammar Abu Znaid; Suleman Khan; Yusor Rafid Bahar Al-Mayouf
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Design of online monitoring and forecasting system for electrical equipment temperature of prefabricated substation based on WSN
Author(s): Weiran Qi; Hongxia Miao; Xuejiao Miao; Xuanxuan Xiao; Kuo Yan
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Context driven content centric networking for smart buildings
Author(s): Yue Jia; Bo Lyu; Min Liang; Ji Tu; Yangzhao Yang
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Extracting fingerprint of wireless devices based on phase noise and multiple level wavelet decomposition
Author(s): Weichen Zhao; Zhuo Sun; Song Kong
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A smartphone-based platform to test the performance of wireless mobile networks and preliminary findings
Author(s): Xinli Geng; Hao Xu; Xiaowei Qin
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Spectrum sensing algorithm based on autocorrelation energy in cognitive radio networks
Author(s): Shengwei Ren; Li Zhang; Shibing Zhang
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Near-field self-interference cancellation and quality of service multicast beamforming in full-duplex
Author(s): Fei Wu; Shihai Shao; Youxi Tang
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A spectrum sensing algorithm based on the ES-DOA estimation
Author(s): Jiangzhou Wang
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Spectrum handoff algorithm with imperfect spectrum sensing incognitive radio networks
Author(s): Bin Ma; Xiao-min Bao; Xian-zhong Xie
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The method for detecting small lesions in medical image based on sliding window
Author(s): Guilai Han; Yuan Jiao
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The scheme and research of TV series multidimensional comprehensive evaluation on cross-platform
Author(s): Jianping Chai; Xuesong Bai; Hongjun Zhou; Fulian Yin
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Very compact quad band-notched UWB monopole antenna
Author(s): Ling Wu; Yingqing Xia; Lei Ye; Lingzhi Li
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Constant envelope chirped OFDM power efficiency
Author(s): Mussa A. Dida; Huan Hao; M. R. Anjum; Tao Ran
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Differential network coding for two-way relay networks with massive arrays
Author(s): Zhaoxi Fang; Pengfei Shao; Wen Zheng; Zeping Pang
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Robust visual tracking via adaptive kernelized correlation filter
Author(s): Bo Wang; Desheng Wang; Qingmin Liao
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Multi-pair two-way massive MIMO AF relaying with ZFR/ZFT beamforming and imperfect CSI over ricean fading channels
Author(s): Kui Xu; Xiaoli Sun; Dongmei Zhang
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An improved sphere-decoding algorithm for V-BLAST system
Author(s): Gengsheng Huang; Hui Zheng; Jing Shen; Yongfei Xue
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A network monitor for HTTPS protocol based on proxy
Author(s): Yangxin Liu; Lingcui Zhang; Shuguang Zhou; Fenghua Li
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FMCW CSAR Doppler shifting correction and the layover phenomenon analysising at a new received signal model
Author(s): Depeng Song; Yi Qu; Yuehui Xie
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Channel estimation based on quantized MMP for FDD massive MIMO downlink
Author(s): Yao-ting Guo; Bing-he Wang; Yi Qu; Hua-jie Cai
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Conditional pulse nulling receiver for multi-pulse PPM and binary quantum coding signals
Author(s): Yuan Zuo; Tian Chen; Bing Zhu
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EMD-WVD time-frequency distribution for analysis of multi-component signals
Author(s): Yunzi Chai; Xudong Zhang
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Achievable degrees of freedom of MIMO two-way relay interference channel with delayed CSIT
Author(s): Qingyun Li; Gang Wu; Shaoqian Li
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A radar clutter suppression method based on fuzzy reasoning
Author(s): Tangxing Liu; Ruoyao Li; Qing Bu
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An IPv6 routing lookup algorithm using weight-balanced tree based on prefix value for virtual router
Author(s): Lingjiang Chen; Shuguang Zhou; Qiaoduo Zhang; Fenghua Li
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Design and implementation of temperature and humidity monitoring system for poultry farm
Author(s): Hindriyanto Dwi Purnomo; Ramos Somya; Charitas Fibriani; Angga Purwoko; Ulfa Sadiyah
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Reducing error vector magnitude of OFDM signals using threshold vector circle method
Author(s): Jingqi Wang; Qingqing Wu; Dong Wang; Chunlei Zhang; Wen Wu
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Frame synchronization of satellite based on AIS signals
Author(s): Shexiang Ma; Dawei Zhao
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