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Autonomous Air and Ground Sensing Systems for Agricultural Optimization and Phenotyping
Editor(s): John Valasek; J. Alex Thomasson
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Volume Number: 9866
Date Published: 28 June 2016
Softcover: 20 papers (184) pages
ISBN: 9781510601079

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Front Matter: Volume 9866
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Comprehensive UAV agricultural remote-sensing research at Texas A and M University
Author(s): J. Alex Thomasson; Yeyin Shi; Jeffrey Olsenholler; John Valasek; Seth C. Murray; Michael P. Bishop
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Towards robotic agriculture
Author(s): Simon Blackmore
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Applying remote sensing expertise to crop improvement: progress and challenges to scale up high throughput field phenotyping from research to industry
Author(s): David Gouache; Katia Beauchêne; Agathe Mini; Antoine Fournier; Benoit de Solan; Fred Baret; Alexis Comar
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Estimating fresh biomass of maize plants from their RGB images in greenhouse phenotyping
Author(s): Yufeng Ge; Piyush Pandey; Geng Bai
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High clearance phenotyping systems for season-long measurement of corn, sorghum and other row crops to complement unmanned aerial vehicle systems
Author(s): Seth C. Murray; Leighton Knox; Brandon Hartley; Mario A. Méndez-Dorado; Grant Richardson; J. Alex Thomasson; Yeyin Shi; Nithya Rajan; Haly Neely; Muthukumar Bagavathiannan; Xuejun Dong; William L. Rooney
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Plant phenotyping using multi-view stereo vision with structured lights
Author(s): Thuy Tuong Nguyen; David C. Slaughter; Julin N. Maloof; Neelima Sinha
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Cotton phenotyping with lidar from a track-mounted platform
Author(s): Andrew N. French; Michael A. Gore; Alison Thompson
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Predicting cotton yield of small field plots in a cotton breeding program using UAV imagery data
Author(s): Joe Mari J. Maja; Todd Campbell; Joao Camargo Neto; Philip Astillo
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Corn and sorghum phenotyping using a fixed-wing UAV-based remote sensing system
Author(s): Yeyin Shi; Seth C. Murray; William L. Rooney; John Valasek; Jeff Olsenholler; N. Ace Pugh; James Henrickson; Ezekiel Bowden; Dongyan Zhang; J. Alex Thomasson
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Exploratory use of a UAV platform for variety selection in peanut
Author(s): Maria Balota; Joseph Oakes
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UAV-based high-throughput phenotyping in legume crops
Author(s): Sindhuja Sankaran; Lav R. Khot; Juan Quirós; George J. Vandemark; Rebecca J. McGee
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Detection of wine grape nutrient levels using visible and near infrared 1nm spectral resolution remote sensing
Author(s): Grant Anderson; Jan van Aardt; Peter Bajorski; Justine Vanden Heuvel
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Application of machine learning for the evaluation of turfgrass plots using aerial images
Author(s): Ke Ding; Amar Raheja; Subodh Bhandari; Robert L. Green
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Calibration of UAS imagery inside and outside of shadows for improved vegetation index computation
Author(s): Elizabeth Bondi; Carl Salvaggio; Matthew Montanaro; Aaron D. Gerace
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Strategies for soil-based precision agriculture in cotton
Author(s): Haly L. Neely; Cristine L. S. Morgan; Scott Stanislav; Gregory Rouze; Yeyin Shi; J. Alex Thomasson; John Valasek; Jeff Olsenholler
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Multispectral and DSLR sensors for assessing crop stress in corn and cotton using fixed-wing unmanned air systems
Author(s): John Valasek; James V. Henrickson; Ezekiel Bowden; Yeyin Shi; Cristine L. S. Morgan; Haly L. Neely
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Insect detection and nitrogen management for irrigated potatoes using remote sensing from small unmanned aircraft systems
Author(s): E. Raymond Hunt; Silvia I. Rondon; Philip B. Hamm; Robert W. Turner; Alan E. Bruce; Josh J. Brungardt
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Remote sensing based water-use efficiency evaluation in sub-surface irrigated wine grape vines
Author(s): Carlos Espinoza Zúñiga; Lav R. Khot; Pete Jacoby; Sindhuja Sankaran
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Proposed tethered unmanned aerial system for the detection of pollution entering the Chesapeake Bay area
Author(s): J. Goodman; J. McKay; W. Evans; S. Andrew Gadsden
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A survey of unmanned ground vehicles with applications to agricultural and environmental sensing
Author(s): Stephanie Bonadies; Alan Lefcourt; S. Andrew Gadsden
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