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Degraded Visual Environments: Enhanced, Synthetic, and External Vision Solutions 2016
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Volume Number: 9839
Date Published: 7 July 2016
Softcover: 22 papers (264) pages
ISBN: 9781510600805

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9839
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Flight test results of helicopter approaches with trajectory guidance based on in-flight acquired LIDAR data
Author(s): M. Zimmermann
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Toward autonomous rotorcraft flight in degraded visual environments: experiments and lessons learned
Author(s): Adam Stambler; Spencer Spiker; Marcel Bergerman; Sanjiv Singh
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Capability comparison of pilot assistance systems based solely on terrain databases versus sensor DB fused data systems
Author(s): Thomas Münsterer; Jürgen Scheuch; Philipp Völschow; Michael Strobel; Michael Roth; Dennis Fadljevic
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Performance evaluation of active sub-Terahertz systems in Degraded Visual Environments (DVE)
Author(s): Romain Ceolato; Bernard Tanguy; Christian Martin; Thierry Huet; Patrick Chervet; Gerard Durand; Nicolas Riviere; Laurent Hespel; Nina Diakonova; Dmitry But; Wojciech Knap; Jerome Meilhan; Baptiste Delplanque; Jonathan Oden; François Simoens
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The glass dome: low-occlusion obstacle symbols for conformal displays
Author(s): Niklas Peinecke; Alvaro Chignola; Daniela Schmid; Hartmut Friedl
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Amplifying the helicopter drift in a conformal HMD
Author(s): Sven Schmerwitz; Patrizia M. Knabl; Thomas Lueken; Hans-Ullrich Doehler
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A concept for a virtual flight deck shown on an HMD
Author(s): Johannes M. Ernst; Hans-Ullrich Doehler; Sven Schmerwitz
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Helmet mounted display supporting helicopter missions during en route flight and landing
Author(s): Thomas Lueken; Hans-Ullrich Doehler; Sven Schmerwitz
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Present and future of vision systems technologies in commercial flight operations
Author(s): Jim Ward
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Assessing impact of dual sensor enhanced flight vision systems on departure performance
Author(s): Lynda J. Kramer; Timothy J. Etherington; Kurt Severance; Randall E. Bailey
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Measuring the denoising performance of the human visual system for optimum display quality
Author(s): Kimberly Kolb
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Perceptual issues for color helmet-mounted displays: luminance and color contrast requirements
Author(s): Thomas H. Harding; Clarence E. Rash; Morris R. Lattimore; Jonathan Statz; John S. Martin
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Wavelet based image visibility enhancement of IR images
Author(s): Qin Jiang; Yuri Owechko; Brendan Blanton
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A new optical system for low-profile HUD by using a prism waveguide
Author(s): Masato Tanaka; Yoshiki Arita
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Global vision systems regulatory and standard setting activities
Author(s): Carlo Tiana; Thomas Münsterer
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Characterization of the OPAL LiDAR under controlled obscurant conditions
Author(s): Xiaoying Cao; Philip Church; Justin Matheson
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Three-dimensional landing zone ladar
Author(s): James Savage; Shawn Goodrich; H. N. Burns
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Mapping of ice, snow and water using aircraft-mounted LiDAR
Author(s): Philip Church; Justin Matheson; Brett Owens
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Display of real-time 3D sensor data in a DVE system
Author(s): Philipp Völschow; Thomas Münsterer; Michael Strobel; Michael Kuhn
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Cooling of organic light-emitting diode display panels with heat pipes
Author(s): Anita Sure; Gowtham Kumar Vankayala; Vaibhav Baranwal; Karthikeyan Paramanandam; Kalluri R. Sarma; S. Asokan
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Combatant eye protection: an introduction to the blue light hazard
Author(s): Morris R. Lattimore
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Head-up, eyes-out in day and at night: Striker HMD, evolution or revolution?
Author(s): Alex Cameron; Ross Hobson
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