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Seventh International Conference on Graphic and Image Processing (ICGIP 2015)
Editor(s): Yulin Wang; Xudong Jiang
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Volume Number: 9817
Date Published: 22 December 2015
Softcover: 50 papers (346) pages
ISBN: 9781510600584

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Front Matter: Volume 9817
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Block based image compression technique using rank reduction and wavelet difference reduction
Author(s): Anastasia Bolotnikova; Pejman Rasti; Andres Traumann; Iiris Lusi; Morteza Daneshmand; Fatemeh Noroozi; Kadri Samuel; Suman Sarkar; Gholamreza Anbarjafari
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A novel targeted enhancement technique for decimation and interpolation of images
Author(s): P. Joy Prabhakaran; P. G. Poonacha
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Spectral residual method of saliency detection based on the two-dimensional fractional Fourier transform domain
Author(s): Jiangxue Tian; Lin Qi; Yaxing Wang
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An advanced total variation model in H-1 space for image inpainting
Author(s): Lin Liu; Dansong Cheng; Jun Wang; Feng Tian; Qiaoyu Sun; Daming Shi
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Image enhancement based on edge boosting algorithm
Author(s): Jaturon Ngernplubpla; Orachat Chitsobhuk
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Learning the histogram sequences of generalized local ternary patterns for blind image quality assessment
Author(s): Yaping Yan; Songlin Du; Hongjuan Zhang; Yide Ma
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Error image aware content restoration
Author(s): Sungwoo Choi; Moonsik Lee; Byunghee Jung
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Game theory based band selection for hyperspectral images
Author(s): Aiye Shi; Zhenyu He; Fengchen Huang
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Hardware accelerator of convolution with exponential function for image processing applications
Author(s): Ivan Panchenko; Victor Bucha
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3D CAD model retrieval method based on hierarchical multi-features
Author(s): Ran An; Qingwen Wang
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A novel edge-preserving nonnegative matrix factorization method for spectral unmixing
Author(s): Wenxing Bao; Ruishi Ma
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An improved adaptive IHS method for image fusion
Author(s): Ting Wang
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Spatial and spectral coordinate super resolution of hyperspectral imagery based on redundant dictionary
Author(s): Suyu Wang; Zongxiang Zhang; Ying Wu
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Brain tumor segmentation in MR slices using improved GrowCut algorithm
Author(s): Chunhong Ji; Jinhua Yu; Yuanyuan Wang; Liang Chen; Zhifeng Shi; Ying Mao
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Hippocampus segmentation using locally weighted prior based level set
Author(s): Anusha Achuthan; Mandava Rajeswari
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Automatic and efficient methods applied to the binarization of a subway map
Author(s): Philippe Durand; Dariush Ghorbanzadeh; Luan Jaupi
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A graph-based watershed merging using fuzzy C-means and simulated annealing for image segmentation
Author(s): Mogana Vadiveloo; Rosni Abdullah; Mandava Rajeswari
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Automatic segmentation and classification of tendon nuclei from IHC stained images
Author(s): Chan-Pang Kuok; Po-Ting Wu; I-Ming Jou; Fong-Chin Su; Yung-Nien Sun
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Automatic segmentation of Leishmania parasite in microscopic images using a modified CV level set method
Author(s): Maria Farahi; Hossein Rabbani; Ardeshir Talebi; Omid Sarrafzadeh; Shahab Ensafi
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Adaptive segmentation of nuclei in H&S stained tendon microscopy
Author(s): Bo-I Chuang; Po-Ting Wu; Jian-Han Hsu; I-Ming Jou; Fong-Chin Su; Yung-Nien Sun
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A novel iris segmentation algorithm based on small eigenvalue analysis
Author(s): B. S. Harish; S. V. Aruna Kumar; D. S. Guru; Minh Ngoc Ngo
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Distance-invariant automatic engagement level recognition using visual cues
Author(s): Woo-han Yun; Dongjin Lee; Chankyu Park; Jaehong Kim
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Learning deformation model for expression-robust 3D face recognition
Author(s): Zhe Guo; Shu Liu; Yi Wang; Tao Lei
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An improved space-based algorithm for recognizing vehicle models from the side view
Author(s): Qian Wang; Youdong Ding; Li Zhang; Rong Li; Jiang Zhu; Zhifeng Xie
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Object recognition based on Google's reverse image search and image similarity
Author(s): András Horváth
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A novel ensemble method to integrate with different technologies for moving foreground detection
Author(s): Yi-Tung Chan; Shuenn-Jyi Wang; Chung-Hsien Tsai; Pei-Ru Lin; Wen-Pin Chen
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A real-time marking defect inspection method for IC chips
Author(s): Hua Yang; Buyang Zhang; Yang Hu
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Fast frequency domain method to detect skew in a document image
Author(s): Sunita Mehta; Ekta Walia; Maitreyee Dutta
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A small dim infrared maritime target detection algorithm based on local peak detection and pipeline-filtering
Author(s): Bin Wang; Lili Dong; Ming Zhao; Wenhai Xu
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Detection and clustering of features in aerial images by neuron network-based algorithm
Author(s): Vit Vozenilek
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Robust visual track using an ensemble cascade of convolutional neural networks
Author(s): Dan Hu; Xingshe Zhou; Xiaohao Yu; Zhiqiang Hou
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Robust visual tracking with dual spatio-temporal context trackers
Author(s): Shiyan Sun; Hong Zhang; Ding Yuan
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Stereo vision-based pedestrian detection using multiple features for automotive application
Author(s): Chung-Hee Lee; Dongyoung Kim
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Action recognition based on a selective sampling strategy for real-time video surveillance
Author(s): Bo Zhang; Hong Zhang; Ding Yuan
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Multi-expert tracking algorithm based on improved compressive tracker
Author(s): Yachun Feng; Hong Zhang; Ding Yuan
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Development of embedded real-time and high-speed vision platform
Author(s): Zhenxing Ouyang; Yimin Dong; Hua Yang
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Performance evaluation and optimization of BM4D-AV denoising algorithm for cone-beam CT images
Author(s): Kuidong Huang; Xiaofei Tian; Dinghua Zhang; Hua Zhang
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Impact of memory bottleneck on the performance of graphics processing units
Author(s): Dong Oh Son; Hong Jun Choi; Jong Myon Kim; Cheol Hong Kim
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A non-linear camera calibration with modified teaching-learning-based optimization algorithm
Author(s): Buyang Zhang; Hua Yang; Shuo Yang
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Optimizations of the GPU-based three-dimensional FDTD program with CPML boundary condition on Kepler architecture GPU
Author(s): Ran Shao; David Linton; Ivor Spence; Ning Zheng
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Ship detection from high-resolution imagery based on land masking and cloud filtering
Author(s): Tianming Jin; Junping Zhang
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A new mixed-mode filter based on MDDCCs
Author(s): Lixue Wang; Chunyue Wang; Junru Zhang; Xiao Liang; Shuangshuang Jiang
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Comparison of recent non-linear filters from graphics field
Author(s): Yang Wang; Kun Fu; Guangluan Xu
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Ultrasound harmonic imaging with reducing speckle noise by spatial-frequency compounding approach
Author(s): Wei Guo; Yuanyuan Wang; Jinhua Yu
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Four decades urban growth and land use change in Samara Russia through remote sensing and GIS techniques
Author(s): Mukesh Singh Boori; Komal Choudhary; Alexander Kupriyanov; Viktor Kovelskiy
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An adjustable frame-straddling image formation system for PIV application
Author(s): Bing Zhang; Zhenxing Ouyang; Hua Yang
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Remote sensing image classification based on support vector machine with the multi-scale segmentation
Author(s): Wenxing Bao; Wei Feng; Ruishi Ma
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Application of linear graph embedding as a dimensionality reduction technique and sparse representation classifier as a post classifier for the classification of epilepsy risk levels from EEG signals
Author(s): Sunil Kumar Prabhakar; Harikumar Rajaguru
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The serial message-passing schedule for LDPC decoding algorithms
Author(s): Mingshan Liu; Shanshan Liu; Yuan Zhou; Xue Jiang
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Iterative feedback algorithm for phase retrieval based on transport of intensity equation
Author(s): Kaifeng Liu; Hong Cheng; Cheng Zhang; Chuan Shen; Fen Zhang; Sui Wei
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