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Biophotonics Japan 2015
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Volume Number: 9792
Date Published: 22 December 2015
Softcover: 20 papers (146) pages
ISBN: 9781510600270

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Front Matter: Volume 9792
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Interferometric and nonlinear-optical spectral-imaging techniques for outer space and live cells
Author(s): Kazuyoshi Itoh
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In situ monitoring of biomolecular processes in living systems using surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Author(s): Mine Altunbek; Seda Kelestemur; Mustafa Culha
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Alkyne-tag Raman imaging of bio-active small molecules in live cells
Author(s): Jun Ando; Almar F. Palonpon; Hiroyuki Yamakoshi; Kosuke Dodo; Satoshi Kawata; Mikiko Sodeoka; Katsumasa Fujita
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Enhancement mechanism of fluorescence intensity in presence of plasmonic nanoparticles
Author(s): Sumana Das; Ramakrishna Vasireddi; Krishna Harika Villa; Brahmanandam Javvaji; Gopalkrishna M. Hegde; D. Roy Mahapatra
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Non-interferometric quantitative phase imaging of yeast cells
Author(s): Praveen Kumar Poola; Vimal Prabhu Pandiyan; Renu John
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A novel microfluidic model to mimic the turbid nature and microvasculature of cutaneous tissue for optical imaging experiments
Author(s): Chen Chen; Midhat Ahmed; Florian Klämpfl; Florian Stelzle; Michael Schmidt
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Extension of depth-resolved reconstruction of attenuation coefficients in optical coherence tomography for slim samples
Author(s): Martin Hohmann; B. Lengenfelder; R. Kanawade; F. Klämpfl; Michael Schmidt
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Optical multi-frequency swept sensing for wide-field vibration measurement of interior surfaces in biological tissue
Author(s): S. Choi; F. Nin; H. Hibino; T. Suzuki
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Determination of scattering coefficient considering wavelength and absorption dependence of anisotropy factor measured by polarized beam for biological tissues
Author(s): D. Fukutomi; K. Ishii; K. Awazu
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Time-gated digital phase conjugation for two-photon excitation microscopy through multimode optical fibers
Author(s): Edgar E. Morales-Delgado; Salma Farahi; Ioannis N. Papadopoulos; Demetri Psaltis; Christophe Moser
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Quantitative phase imaging of cell division in yeast cells and E.coli using digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): Vimal Prabhu Pandiyan; Renu John
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Research on imaging, sensing, and characterization of cells at Research Center for Applied Sciences (RCAS), Academia Sinica
Author(s): Hui-Chen Tsai; Chun-Fang Chang; Bi-Chang Chen; Ji-Yen Cheng; Chih-Wei Chu; Hsieh-Cheng Han; Koji Hatanaka; Tung-Han Hsieh; Chau-Hwang Lee; Jung-Hsin Lin; Yi-Chung Tung; Pei-Kuen Wei; Fu-Liang Yang; Din Ping Tsai
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A coupling model of the radiative transport equation for calculating photon migration in biological tissue
Author(s): Hiroyuki Fujii; Shinpei Okawa; Yukio Yamada; Yoko Hoshi; Masao Watanabe
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Assessment of laser speckle flowgraphy: Development of novel cutaneous blood flow measurement technique
Author(s): Yoshinao Nagashima; Yuko Ohsugi; Yoshifumi Niki; Kouji Maeda; Takashi Okamoto
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Real-time system for extracting and monitoring the cerebral functional component during fNIRS measurements
Author(s): Toru Yamada; Mitsuo Ohashi; Shinji Umeyama
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Numerical study of light propagation in agricultural products for non-destructive assessment of food quality
Author(s): Kiyohito Hattori; Hiroyuki Fujii; Yuki Tatekura; Kazumichi Kobayashi; Masao Watanabe
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Expansion of dynamic range in Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor using dual microlens array
Author(s): Hironobu Shinto; Yusuke Saita; Takanori Nomura
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Alternative natural dyes in water purification: Anthocyanin as TiO2-sensitizer in rhodamin B photoelectrodegradation
Author(s): S. Wahyuningsih; A. H. Ramelan; R. Hidayat; G. Fadillah; H. Munawaroh; L. N. M. Z. Saputri; Q. A. Hanif
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Estimation of crosstalk in LED fNIRS by photon propagation Monte Carlo simulation
Author(s): Takayuki Iwano; Shinji Umeyama
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Optical characterization of murine model's in-vivo skin using Mueller matrix polarimetric imaging
Author(s): Azael Mora-Núñez; Geminiano Martinez-Ponce; Guillermo Garcia-Torales
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Multispectral Stokes polarimetry for dermatoscopic imaging
Author(s): Y. Castillejos; Geminiano Martínez-Ponce; Azael Mora-Nuñez; R. Castro-Sanchez
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