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Next-Generation Optical Networks for Data Centers and Short-Reach Links III
Editor(s): Atul K. Srivastava
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Volume Number: 9775
Date Published: 11 August 2016
Softcover: 14 papers (114) pages
ISBN: 9781510600102

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9775
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Silicon-photonics-based optical transceivers for high-speed interconnect applications
Author(s): P. De Dobbelaere; G. Armijo; J. Balardeta; B. Chase; Y. Chi; A. Dahl; Y. De Koninck; S. Denton; M. Eker; S. Fathpour; D. Foltz; F. Gholami; S. Gloeckner; K. Y. Hon; S. Hovey; S. Jackson; W. Li; Y. Liang; M. Mack; G. Masini; G. McGee; A. Mekis; S. Pang; M. Peterson; T. Pinguet; L. Planchon; K. Roberson; S. Sahni; J. Schramm; M. Sharp; C. Sohn; K. Stechschulte; P. Sun; G. Vastola; S. Wang; B. Weber; G. Wong; K. Yokoyama; S. Yu; R. Zhou
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Economics of data center optics
Author(s): Lisa Huff
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Next-generation wideband multimode fibers for data centers
Author(s): Kasyapa Balemarthy; Roman Shubochkin; Yi Sun
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Short-haul transmission links based on 25- and 56-Gbaud PAM4 modulation
Author(s): Winston I. Way; Trevor K. Chan; Alexander Lebedev
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Scaling single-wavelength optical interconnects to 180 Gb/s with PAM-M and pulse shaping
Author(s): Stefanos Dris; Paraskevas Bakopoulos; Nikolaos Argyris; Christos Spatharakis; Hercules Avramopoulos
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Recent advances of emerging PAM4 signaling with real-time processing for 100/400Gbps data center connectivity
Author(s): Frank Chang
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Power penalties for multi-level PAM modulation formats at arbitrary bit error rates
Author(s): Nikolay A. Kaliteevskiy; William A. Wood; John D. Downie; Jason Hurley; Petr Sterlingov
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112 Gb/s sub-cycle 16-QAM Nyquist-SCM for intra-datacenter connectivity
Author(s): Paraskevas Bakopoulos; Stefanos Dris; Nikolaos Argyris; Christos Spatharakis; Hercules Avramopoulos
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Recent standardization directions for high-speed client and line side components
Author(s): Hideki Isono
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Optical interconnect technologies for high-bandwidth ICT systems
Author(s): Norio Chujo; Toshiaki Takai; Akiko Mizushima; Hideo Arimoto; Yasunobu Matsuoka; Hiroki Yamashita; Naoki Matsushima
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Optoelectronic specifications of emerging coherent optical solutions for data center interconnect
Author(s): André L. N. Souza; Valery N. Rozental; Andrea Chiuchiarelli; Tatiani Pivem; Jacklyn D. Reis; Juliano R. F. Oliveira
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100 Gb/s optical discrete multi-tone transceivers for intra- and inter-datacenter networks
Author(s): Ryo Okabe; Toshiki Tanaka; Masato Nishihara; Yutaka Kai; Tomoo Takahara; Bo Liu; Lei Li; Zhenning Tao; Jens C. Rasmussen
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Demonstration of 720x720 optical fast circuit switch for intra-datacenter networks
Author(s): Koh Ueda; Yojiro Mori; Hiroshi Hasegawa; Hiroyuki Matsuura; Kiyo Ishii; Haruhiko Kuwatsuka; Shu Namiki; Ken-ichi Sato
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Adaptive gain, equalization, and wavelength stabilization techniques for silicon photonic microring resonator-based optical receivers
Author(s): Samuel Palermo; Patrick Chiang; Kunzhi Yu; Rui Bai; Cheng Li; Chin-Hui Chen; Marco Fiorentino; Ray Beausoleil; Hao Li; Ayman Shafik; Binhao Wang; Alex Titriku
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