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Optical Metro Networks and Short-Haul Systems VIII
Editor(s): Atul K. Srivastava; Werner Weiershausen; Benjamin B. Dingel; Achyut K. Dutta
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Volume Number: 9773
Date Published: 12 August 2016
Softcover: 19 papers (158) pages
ISBN: 9781510600089

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9773
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Multicore erbium doped fiber amplifiers
Author(s): Koichi Maeda; Yukihiro Tsuchida; Ryuichi Sugizaki; Hiroshi Matsuura
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100-Gb/s InP DP-IQ modulator for small-form-factor pluggable coherent transceivers
Author(s): Nobuhiro Kikuchi; Yoshihiro Ogiso; Eiichi Yamada
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High-speed real-time OFDM transmission based on FPGA
Author(s): Xin Xiao; Fan Li; Jianjun Yu
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Comparison of advanced DSP techniques for spectrally efficient Nyquist-WDM signal generation using digital FIR filters at transmitters based on higher-order modulation formats
Author(s): Yi Weng; Junyi Wang; Zhongqi Pan
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New value added to network services through software-defined optical core networking
Author(s): Akiko Yamada; Keiichi Nakatsugawa; Shinji Yamashita; Toshio Soumiya
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SDN architecture for optical packet and circuit integrated networks
Author(s): Hideaki Furukawa; Takaya Miyazawa
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Advanced digital signal processing for short-haul and access network
Author(s): Junwen Zhang; Jianjun Yu; Nan Chi
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FPGA implementation of advanced FEC schemes for intelligent aggregation networks
Author(s): Ding Zou; Ivan B. Djordjevic
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High-power and narrow-linewidth tunable distributed-reflector laser
Author(s): Toshimitsu Kaneko; Hiroyuki Matsuura; Ken Tanizawa; Katsumi Uesaka
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Spatial and planar optical circuit for flexible ROADM
Author(s): Kota Shikama; Yuichiro Ikuma; Kenya Suzuki; Tetsuo Takahashi
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Lossless photonic switched networks for metro-access
Author(s): Yara Martins; F. Rudge Barbosa; Indaya Bertoldi; E. Moschim
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Beam steering by computer generated hologram for optical switches
Author(s): Keita Yamaguchi; Kenya Suzuki; Joji Yamaguchi
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An upstream burst-mode equalization scheme for 40 Gb/s TWDM PON based on optimized SOA cascade
Author(s): Xiao Sun; Qingjiang Chang; Zhensen Gao; Chenhui Ye; Simiao Xiao; Xiaoan Huang; Xiaofeng Hu; Kaibin Zhang
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Efficient eNB inter-communication scheme in converged mobile and NG-PON2 system
Author(s): Simiao Xiao; Xiao Sun; Kaibin Zhang
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Real-time optical path control method that utilizes multiple support vector machines for traffic prediction
Author(s): Hiroshi Kawase; Yojiro Mori; Hiroshi Hasegawa; Ken-ichi Sato
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Architecture and design of optical path networks utilizing waveband virtual links
Author(s): Yusaku Ito; Yojiro Mori; Hiroshi Hasegawa; Ken-ichi Sato
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Physical layer one-time-pad data encryption through synchronized semiconductor laser networks
Author(s): Apostolos Argyris; Evangelos Pikasis; Dimitris Syvridis
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Automated and comprehensive link engineering supporting branched, ring, and mesh network topologies
Author(s): J. Farina; D. Khomchenko; D. Yevseyenko; J. Meester; A. Richter
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An FPGA design of generalized low-density parity-check codes for rate-adaptive optical transport networks
Author(s): Ding Zou; Ivan B. Djordjevic
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