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Novel In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers XV
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Volume Number: 9767
Date Published: 24 June 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9767
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Type-I QW cascade diode lasers for spectral region above 3 um
Author(s): L. Shterengas; T. Hosoda; M. Wang; T. Feng; G. Kipshidze; G. Belenky
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Generation of 7W nanosecond pulses with 670nm ridge-waveguide lasers
Author(s): A. Klehr; T. Prziwarka; A. Liero; Th. Hoffmann; J. Pohl; J. Fricke; H.-J. Wünsche; H. Wenzel; W. Heinrich; G. Erbert
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GaAs-based self-aligned stripe superluminescent diodes processed normal to the cleaved facet
Author(s): O. M. S. Ghazal; D. Lei; D. T. Childs; B. J. Stevens; N. Babazadeh; R. A. Hogg; K. M. Groom
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Microscopic modelling of opto-electronic properties of dilute bismide materials for the mid-IR
Author(s): J. Hader; J. V. Moloney; O. Rubel; S. C. Badescu; S. Johnson; S. W. Koch
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First demonstration of orange-yellow light emitter devices in InGaP/InAlGaP laser structure using strain-induced quantum well intermixing technique
Author(s): Mohammed A. Majid; Ahmad A. Al-Jabr; Rami T. Elafandy; Hassan M. Oubei; Mohd S. Alias; Bayan A. Alnahhas; Dalaver H. Anjum; Tien Khee Ng; Mohamed Shehata; Boon S. Ooi
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Room-temperature continuous-wave operation of BeZnCdSe quantum-well green-to-yellow laser diodes with sub-10 mA threshold current
Author(s): Jijun Feng; Ryoichi Akimoto
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Studies on 405nm blue-violet diode laser with external grating cavity
Author(s): Bin Li; Jun Gao; Jun Zhao; Anlan Yu; Shiwen Luo; Dongsheng Xiong; Xinbing Wang; Duluo Zuo
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Large TE polarized optical gain from AlInN-delta-GaN quantum well for ultraviolet lasers
Author(s): Cheng Liu; Yu Kee Ooi; Jing Zhang
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1.5-um quantum dot laser material with high temperature stability of threshold current density and external differential efficiency
Author(s): S. Banyoudeh; A. Abdollahinia; V. Sichkovskyi; J. P. Reithmaier
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High-temperature continuous wave operation (up to 100C) of InAs/InGaAs quantum dot electrically injected microdisk lasers
Author(s): N. V. Kryzhanovskaya; E. I. Moiseev; Yu. V. Kudashova; F. I. Zubov; M. M. Kulagina; S. I. Troshkov; Yu. M. Zadiranov; D. A. Livshits; M. V. Maximov; A. E. Zhukov; Andrey Lipovskii
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High-speed directly modulated 1.5-um quantum dot lasers
Author(s): Saddam Banyoudeh; Alireza Abdollahinia; Ori Eyal; Florian Schnabel; Vitalii Sichkovskyi; Gadi Eisenstein; Johann Peter Reithmaier
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Timing jitter performance of mode-locked external cavity multi-quantum-well semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Benjamin Döpke; Rouven H. Pilny; Heiko Horstkemper; Carsten Brenner; Andreas Klehr; Götz Erbert; Günther Tränkle; Martin R. Hofmann
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Interaction of phase and amplitude shaping in an external cavity semiconductor laser
Author(s): Rouven H. Pilny; Benjamin Döpke; Jan C. Balzer; Carsten Brenner; Andreas Klehr; Götz Erbert; Günther Tränkle; Martin R. Hofmann
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Narrow-linewidth 1.5-um quantum dot distributed feedback lasers
Author(s): Annette Becker; Vitalii Sichkovskyi; Marko Bjelica; Ori Eyal; Philipp Baum; Anna Rippien; Florian Schnabel; Bernd Witzigmann; Gadi Eisenstein; Johann Peter Reithmaier
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Pulsed hybrid dual wavelength Y-branch-DFB laser-tapered amplifier system suitable for water vapor detection at 965 nm with 16 W peak power
Author(s): Thi N. Vu; Andreas Klehr; Bernd Sumpf; Thomas Hoffmann; Armin Liero; Günther Tränkle
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Difference frequency modulation of multi-section dual-mode lasers with nanoscale surface gratings
Author(s): Topi Uusitalo; Heikki Virtanen; Jukka Viheriälä; Joel Salmi; Antti T. Aho; Mihail Dumitrescu
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5,000 h reliable operation of 785nm dual-wavelength DBR-RW diode lasers suitable for Raman spectroscopy and SERDS
Author(s): Bernd Sumpf; André Müller; Martin Maiwald
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First demonstration of single-mode distributed feedback type-I GaSb cascade diode laser emitting near 2.9 um
Author(s): Mathieu Fradet; Takashi Hosoda; Clifford Frez; Leon Shterengas; Stanley Sander; Siamak Forouhar; Gregory Belenky
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Cavity enhanced 1.5-um LED with silicon as a hole injector
Author(s): Dong Liu; Zhenyang Xia; SangJune Cho; Deyin Zhao; Huilong Zhang; Tzu-Hsuan Chang; Xin Yin; Munho Kim; Jung-Hun Seo; Jaeseong Lee; Xudong Wang; Weidong Zhou; Zhenqiang Ma
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Photonic-crystal lasers on silicon for chip-scale optical interconnects
Author(s): Koji Takeda; Takuro Fujii; Akihiko Shinya; Eiichi Kuramochi; Masaya Notomi; Koichi Hasebe; Takaaki Kakitsuka; Shinji Matsuo
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Interband cascade laser sources in the mid-infrared for green photonics
Author(s): J. Koeth; M. von Edlinger; J. Scheuermann; S. Becker; L. Nähle; M. Fischer; R. Weih; M. Kamp; S. Höfling; Alexander Reinhold
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Step-taper active-region quantum cascade lasers for carrier-leakage suppression and high internal differential efficiency
Author(s): J. D. Kirch; C.-C. Chang; C. Boyle; L. J. Mawst; D. Lindberg; T. Earles; D. Botez
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Surface-emitting quantum cascade laser with 2nd-order metal-semiconductor gratings for single-lobe emission
Author(s): C. Boyle; C. Sigler; J. D. Kirch; D. Lindberg; T. Earles; D. Botez; L. J. Mawst
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Frequency comb operation of long-cavity terahertz quantum-cascade lasers
Author(s): M. Wienold; B. Röben; L. Schrottke; H. T. Grahn
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Quantum dots as active material for quantum cascade lasers: comparison to quantum wells
Author(s): Stephan Michael; Weng W. Chow; Hans Christian Schneider
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DBR tapered diode laser at 1030 nm with nearly diffraction-limited narrowband emission and 12.7 W of optical output power
Author(s): André Müller; Jörg Fricke; Frank Bugge; Olaf Brox; Götz Erbert; Bernd Sumpf
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High performances of very long (13.5mm) tapered laser emitting at 975 nm
Author(s): P. Resneau; M. Garcia; M. Lecomte; Y. Robert; E. Vinet; O. Parillaud; M. Krakowski; D. L. Boiko
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Three-section master oscillator power amplifier at 1.57 um for LIDAR measurements of atmospheric carbon dioxide
Author(s): Mariafernanda Vilera; Mickael Faugeron; Antonio Pérez-Serrano; José Manuel G. Tijero; Michel Krakowski; Frédéric Van Dijk; Ignacio Esquivias
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Novel approaches to increasing the brightness of broad area lasers
Author(s): P. Crump; M. Winterfeldt; J. Decker; M. Ekterai; J. Fricke; S. Knigge; A. Maaßdorf; G. Erbert
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Monolithic integration of a quantum cascade laser array and an echelle grating multiplexer for widely tunable mid-infrared sources
Author(s): Clément Gilles; Luis J. Orbe; Guillermo Carpintero; Johan Abautret; Grégory Maisons; Mathieu Carras
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Regrowth-free mid-infrared distributed feedback quantum cascade lasers with sub-watt power consumption
Author(s): Ryan M. Briggs; Clifford Frez; Mathieu Fradet; Siamak Forouhar; Romain Blanchard; Christian Pflügl
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Spectroscopic benzene detection using a broadband monolithic DFB-QCL array
Author(s): Rafał Lewicki; Mark Witinski; Biao Li; Gerard Wysocki
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Cascade laser applications: trends and challenges
Author(s): B. d'Humières; Éric Margoto; Yves Fazilleau; Clémentine Bouyé
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Single-mode enhancement in coupled-cavity quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): M. Kuc; R. P. Sarzała; T. Czyszanowski; M. Bugajski
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Simulation of broad spectral bandwidth emitters at 1060 nm for optical coherence tomography
Author(s): I. G. Tooley; D. T. D. Childs; B. J. Stevens; K. M. Groom; R. A. Hogg
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Three-dimensional finite-difference time-domain modelling of photonic crystal surface-emitting lasers
Author(s): Pavlo Ivanov; Richard J. E. Taylor; Guangrui Li; David T. D. Childs; Salam Khamas; Jayanta Sarma; Robertus Erdelyi; Richard A. Hogg
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