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Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers XX
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Volume Number: 9766
Date Published: 5 July 2016
Softcover: 17 papers (164) pages
ISBN: 9781510600010

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Front Matter: Volume 9766
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
780nm-range VCSEL array for laser printer system and other applications at Ricoh
Author(s): Naoto Jikutani; Akihiro Itoh; Kazuhiro Harasaka; Toshihide Sasaki; Shunichi Sato
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VCSELs for interferometric readout of MEMS sensors
Author(s): Darwin K. Serkland; Kent M. Geib; Gregory M. Peake; Gordon A. Keeler; Michael J. Shaw; Michael S. Baker; Murat Okandan
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Dynamic properties of silicon-integrated short-wavelength hybrid-cavity VCSEL
Author(s): Emanuel P. Haglund; Sulakshna Kumari; Petter Westbergh; Johan S. Gustavsson; Gunther Roelkens; Roel Baets; Anders Larsson
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Direct visualization of the in-plane leakage of high-order transverse modes in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers mediated by oxide-aperture engineering
Author(s): N. Ledentsov; V. A. Shchukin; J.-R. Kropp; S. Burger; F. Schmidt; N. N. Ledentsov
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Passive cavity surface-emitting lasers: option of temperature-insensitive lasing wavelength for uncooled dense wavelength division multiplexing systems
Author(s): V. A. Shchukin; N. N. Ledentsov; T. Slight; W. Meredith; N. Yu. Gordeev; A. M. Nadtochy; A. S. Payusov; M. V. Maximov; S. A. Blokhin; A. A. Blokhin; Yu. M. Zadiranov; N. A. Maleev; V. M. Ustinov; K. D. Choquette
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VCSEL-based sensors for distance and velocity
Author(s): Holger Moench; Mark Carpaij; Philipp Gerlach; Stephan Gronenborn; Ralph Gudde; Jochen Hellmig; Johanna Kolb; Alexander van der Lee
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Progress in high-power high-speed VCSEL arrays
Author(s): Richard F. Carson; Mial E. Warren; Preethi Dacha; Thomas Wilcox; John G. Maynard; David J. Abell; Kirk J. Otis; James A. Lott
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Developments of VCSELs for printers and optical communications at Fuji Xerox
Author(s): Takashi Kondo; Kazutaka Takeda; Hiromi Otoma; Akemi Murakami; Jun Sakurai; Hideo Nakayama; Xiaodong Gu; Fumio Koyama
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High-efficiency VCSEL arrays for illumination and sensing in consumer applications
Author(s): Jean-Francois Seurin; Delai Zhou; Guoyang Xu; Alexander Miglo; Daizong Li; Tong Chen; Baiming Guo; Chuni Ghosh
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Failure mode analysis of degraded InGaAs-AlGaAs strained quantum well multi-mode vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
Author(s): Yongkun Sin; Zachary Lingley; Miles Brodie; Michael Huang; Adam Bushmaker; Jesse Theiss; Nathan Presser; Brendan Foran; Steven C. Moss
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VCSEL-based flexible opto-fluidic fluorescence sensors
Author(s): Dongseok Kang; Boju Gai; Jongseung Yoon
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Controlling the parameters of wet lateral oxidation for VCSEL fabrication
Author(s): Majid Riaziat; David Reed; Alex Kor
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Beam quality study for single-mode oxide-confined and photonic crystal VCSELs
Author(s): Janice T. Blane; William K. North; Peter R. Zeidler; Jonathan B. Dencker; David B. Chacko; Brian Souhan; Kirk A. Ingold; James J. Raftery
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Low-dispersion ultra-high-bandwidth vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser arrays
Author(s): Stewart T. M. Fryslie; Kent D. Choquette
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Close to 100 Gbps discrete multitone transmission over 100m of multimode fiber using a single transverse mode 850nm VCSEL
Author(s): Bo Wu; Xian Zhou; Yanan Ma; Jun Luo; Kangping Zhong; Shaofeng Qiu; Zhiyong Feng; Yazhi Luo; Mikel Agustin; Nikolay Ledentsov; Joerg Kropp; Vitaly Shchukin; Nikolay N. Ledentsov; Iain Eddie; Lu Chao
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Influence of birefringence splitting on ultrafast polarization oscillations in VCSELs
Author(s): Markus Lindemann; Nils C. Gerhardt; Martin R. Hofmann; Tobias Pusch; Rainer Michalzik
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Monolithic subwavelength high refractive-index-contrast grating VCSELs
Author(s): Marcin Gębski; Maciej Dems; James A. Lott; Tomasz Czyszanowski
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