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MOEMS and Miniaturized Systems XV
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Volume Number: 9760
Date Published: 22 August 2016
Softcover: 23 papers (218) pages
ISBN: 9781628419955

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Front Matter: Volume 9760
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A microfabricated water-immersible scanning mirror with a small form factor for handheld ultrasound and photoacoustic microscopy
Author(s): Song Xu; Chih-Hsien Huang; Jun Zou
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A two-axis water-immersible MEMS scanning mirror for scanning optical and acoustic microscopy
Author(s): Song Xu; Chih-Hsien Huang; Jun Zou
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Wearable and augmented reality displays using MEMS and SLMs
Author(s): Hakan Urey; Erdem Ulusoy; Seyedmahdi M. K. Kazempourradi; Deniz Mengu; Selim Olcer; Sven T. Holmstrom
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MEMS-mirror based trajectory resolution and precision enabled by two different piezoresistive sensor technologies
Author(s): Jan Grahmann; André Dreyhaupt; Christian Drabe; Richard Schrödter; Jörg Kamenz; Thilo Sandner
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Modeling of biaxial gimbal-less MEMS scanning mirrors
Author(s): Thomas von Wantoch; Shanshan Gu-Stoppel; Frank Senger; Christian Mallas; Ulrich Hofmann; Thomas Meurer; Wolfgang Benecke
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Real-time closed-loop control for micro mirrors with quasistatic comb drives
Author(s): Richard Schroedter; Thilo Sandner; Klaus Janschek; Matthias Roth; Clemens Hruschka
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Mechanically flexible waveguide arrays for optical chip-to-chip coupling
Author(s): Tjitte-Jelte Peters; Marcel Tichem
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Mechanically tunable photonic crystal split-beam nanocavity
Author(s): Tong Lin; Yongchao Zou; Guangya Zhou; Fook Siong Chau; Jie Deng
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Tunable MEMS Fabry-Pérot filters for infrared microspectrometers: a review
Author(s): Martin Ebermann; Norbert Neumann; Karla Hiller; Mario Seifert; Marco Meinig; Steffen Kurth
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VIS Fabry-Pérot-Interferometer with (HL)4 PE-Si3N4/PE-SiO2 reflectors on freestanding LP-Si3N4 membranes for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Christian Helke; Marco Meinig; Mario Seifert; Jan Seiler; Karla Hiller; Steffen Kurth; Jörg Martin; Thomas Gessner
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Deeply-etched micromirror with vertical slit and metallic coating enabling transmission-type optical MEMS filters
Author(s): Muhammad A. Othman; Yasser M. Sabry; Mohamed Sadek; Ismail M. Nassar; Diaa A. Khalil
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Mid infrared MEMS FTIR spectrometer
Author(s): Mazen Erfan; Yasser M. Sabry; Bassem Mortada; Khaled Sharaf; Diaa Khalil
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Novel Fourier transform infrared spectrometer architecture based on cascaded Fabry-Perot interferometers
Author(s): Yomna M. Eltagoury; Yasser M. Sabry; Diaa A. Khalil
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MOEMS FPI sensors for NIR-MIR microspectrometer applications
Author(s): A. Akujärvi; B. Guo; R. Mannila; A. Rissanen
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Ultra-slim 2D- and depth-imaging camera modules for mobile imaging
Author(s): Andreas Brückner; Alexander Oberdörster; Jens Dunkel; Andreas Reimann; Frank Wippermann
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Study on sputtered a-Si:H for micro optical diffusion sensor using laser-induced dielectrophoresis
Author(s): Makoto Kamata; Kan Yamada; Yoshihiro Taguchi; Yuji Nagasaka
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Low power and highly precise closed-loop driving circuits for piezoelectric micromirrors with embedded capacitive position sensors
Author(s): S. Rombach; M. Marx; S. Gu-Stoppel; Y. Manoli
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Novel multi-aperture approach for miniaturized imaging systems
Author(s): F. C. Wippermann; A. Brückner; A. Oberdörster; A. Reimann
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Miniature electrically tunable rotary dual-focus lenses
Author(s): Yongchao Zou; Wei Zhang; Tong Lin; Fook Siong Chau; Guangya Zhou
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NEMS-based MIM plasmonics tunable filter
Author(s): Kareem Khirallah; Mohamed A. Swillam
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Transition of optical regime in miniaturized optical systems: light interactions beyond the refraction limit
Author(s): Myun-Sik Kim; Toralf Scharf; Carsten Rockstuhl; Wataru Nakagawa; Reinhard Voelkel; Hans Peter Herzig
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Optically pumped 1550nm wavelength tunable MEMS VCSEL
Author(s): Hitesh K. Sahoo; Thor Ansbæk; Luisa Ottaviano; Elizaveta S. Semenova; Ole Hansen; Kresten Yvind
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Analyzing effects of aperture size and applied voltage on the response time
Author(s): YooKwang Kim; Jin Su Lee; Yong Hyub Won
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