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Photonic Instrumentation Engineering III
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Volume Number: 9754
Date Published: 22 August 2016
Softcover: 33 papers (246) pages
ISBN: 9781628419894

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Front Matter: Volume 9754
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A fast high-precision six-degree-of-freedom relative position sensor
Author(s): Gary B. Hughes; Van P. Macasaet; Janelle Griswold; Claudia A. Sison; Philip Lubin; Peter Meinhold; Jonathan Suen; Travis Brashears; Qicheng Zhang; Jonathan Madajian
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Low-cost facile interferometer for displacement mapping of harmonically excited MEMS
Author(s): Mateusz Mądzik; Jaime Viegas
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Extraction of natural weight shift and foot rolling in gait based on hetero-core optical fiber load sensor
Author(s): Yudai Otsuka; Yuya Koyama; Michiko Nishiyama; Kazuhiro Watanabe
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Spatially resolved spectroscopy using swept-source optical interferometry
Author(s): Ryoma Onita; Tatsutoshi Shioda
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Mini and micro spectrometers pave the way to on-field advanced analytics
Author(s): Clémentine Bouyé; Hugo Kolb; Benoît d'Humières
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From advanced driver assistance to autonomous driving: perspectives for photonics sensors
Author(s): Jacques Cochard; Clémentine Bouyé
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Design and optimization of indoor optical wireless positioning systems
Author(s): Mark H. Bergen; Daniel Guerrero; Xian Jin; Blago A. Hristovski; Hugo A. L. F. Chaves; Richard Klukas; Jonathan F. Holzman
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Smart slit assembly for high-resolution spectrometers in space
Author(s): Benedikt Guldimann; Kyriaki Minoglou
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Linear rotary optical delay lines
Author(s): Hichem Guerboukha; Hang Qu; Maksim Skorobogatiy
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Coated fiber tips for optical instrumentation
Author(s): John B. Barton; Sheetal Chanda; Sarah A. Locknar; Gary E. Carver
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Fast and accurate read-out of interferometric optical fiber sensors
Author(s): Ingebrigt Bartholsen; Dag Roar Hjelme
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Optical fiber oxygen sensor using layer-by-layer stacked porous composite membranes
Author(s): Sayuri Ban; Ai Hosoki; Michiko Nishiyama; Atsushi Seki; Kazuhiro Watanabe
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Characterizing opto-electret based paper speakers by using a real-time projection Moiré metrology system
Author(s): Ya-Ling Chang; Kuan-Yu Hsu; Chih-Kung Lee
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Measurement of surface topographies in the nm-range for power chip technologies by a modified low-coherence interferometer
Author(s): Ch. Taudt; T. Baselt; B. Nelsen; H. Aßmann; A. Greiner; E. Koch; P. Hartmann
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Innovative fiber-laser architecture-based compact wind lidar
Author(s): Narasimha S. Prasad; Allen Tracy; Steve Vetorino; Richard Higgins; Russ Sibell
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A device based on the Shack-Hartmann wave front sensor for testing wide aperture optics
Author(s): Alexander Nikitin; Julia Sheldakova; Alexis Kudryashov; Gilles Borsoni; Dmitrii Denisov; Valerii Karasik; Alexey Sakharov
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Propagation characteristics and characterization challenges of complex laser field distributions
Author(s): Y. G. Soskind
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Optical dispersion spectroscopy using optical frequency comb applied to dual-heterodyne mixing
Author(s): Kaishu Kasuga; Takayuki Miyamoto; Tatsutoshi Shioda
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Stabilization of two frequency combs with a small relative fceo jitter using diode laser injection locking
Author(s): Byung Jae Chun; Young-Jin Kim; Seung-Woo Kim
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Frequency-domain single-shot optical frequency comb tomography using VIPA
Author(s): Takumi Miyaoka; Tatsutoshi Shioda
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Femtosecond laser fabricated multimode fiber sensors interrogated by optical-carrier-based microwave interferometry technique for distributed strain sensing
Author(s): Liwei Hua; Yang Song; Jie Huang; Baokai Cheng; Wenge Zhu; Hai Xiao
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Silicon plasmonic-integrated sensor
Author(s): Ahmad B. Ayoub; Qiaoqiang Gan; Mohamed Swillam
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A hemispheric hetero-core fiber optic tactile sensor for texture and hardness detection
Author(s): Hiroshi Yamazaki; Michiko Nishiyama; Kazuhiro Watanabe
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Fiber optic vibration sensor for high-power electric machines realized using 3D printing technology
Author(s): Bojan Igrec; Marko Bosiljevac; Zvonimir Sipus; Dubravko Babic; Smiljko Rudan
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A system for full Stokes vector measurement for low concentration glucose sensing
Author(s): Quoc-Hung Phan; Yu-Lung Lo
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High temperature monitoring of an oxy-fuel fluidized bed combustor using femtosecond infrared laser written fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Robert B. Walker; Huimin Ding; David Coulas; Dan Grobnic; Ping Lu; Stephen J. Mihailov; Marc A. Duchesne; Robin W. Hughes; David J. McCalden; Ryan Burchat; Robert Yandon
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Long-term measurements of SPR hydrogen sensor based on hetero-core optical fiber with Au/Ta2O5/Pd/Au multilayers
Author(s): Ken Takahashi; Ai Hosoki; Michiko Nishiyama; Hirotaka Igawa; Kazuhiro Watanabe
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Temperature-stable LED-based light source without temperature control
Author(s): M. Bosiljevac; D. Babić; Zvonimir Sipus
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SFFT based phase demodulation for faster interference fringes analysis
Author(s): Chen-Yu Lee; Kuan-Yu Hsu; Chih-Kung Lee
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A pseudo optical frequency comb interferometry by an optical resonator and a high-speed swept-source for 2D single-shot tomography and profilometry
Author(s): Q. T. Banh; T. Shioda
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Fiber Bragg grating based tunable sensitivity goniometer
Author(s): Srivani Padma; Sharath Umesh; Shweta Pant; Talabattula Srinivas; Sundarrajan Asokan
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Development of SPR temperature sensor using Au/TiO2 on hetero-core optical fiber
Author(s): Sho Kitagawa; Hiroshi Yamazaki; Ai Hosoki; Michiko Nishiyama; Kazuhiro Watanabe
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Ellipsometry-like analysis of polarization state for micro cracks using stress-induced light scattering method
Author(s): Yoshitaro Sakata; Nao Terasaki; Kazufumi Sakai; Kazuhiro Nonaka
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