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Optical Interconnects XVI
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Volume Number: 9753
Date Published: 6 June 2016
Softcover: 36 papers (304) pages
ISBN: 9781628419887

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Front Matter: Volume 9753
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
GI-core polymer waveguide based on polynorbornene for optical interconnection
Author(s): Katsuma Kitazoe; Ryota Kinoshita; Akihiro Horimoto
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High-bandwidth and low-loss multimode polymer waveguides and waveguide components for high-speed board-level optical interconnects
Author(s): N. Bamiedakis; J. Chen; R. V. Penty; I. H. White
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Comparison of self-written waveguide techniques and bulk index matching for low-loss polymer waveguide interconnects
Author(s): Derek Burrell; Christopher Middlebrook
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A chip scale optical Tx/Rx based on silicon photonics from views of multi-mode transmission
Author(s): Ichiro Ogura; Kenichiro Yashiki; Yasuyuki Suzuki; Yasuhiko Hagihara; Takahiro Nakamura; Kazuhiko Kurata
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Silicon photonics for 100 Gbit/s intra-data center optical interconnects
Author(s): Stefan Meister; Moritz Grehn; Hanjo Rhee; Marco Vitali; Christoph Theiss; Sebastian Kupijai; Aws Al-Saadi; Danilo Bronzi; Sven Otte; Marvin Henniges; David Selicke; Muhammad Atif; Erik Schwartz; Stefan Lischke; David Stolarek; Andreas Mai; Mehmet Kaynak; Harald H. Richter; Lars Zimmermann
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Silicon germanium on graded buffer as a new platform for optical interconnects on silicon
Author(s): Vladyslav Vakarin; Papichaya Chaisakul; Jacopo Frigerio; Andrea Ballabio; Xavier Le Roux; Jean Rene Coudevylle; Laurent Vivien; Giovanni Isella; Delphine Marris-Morini
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Low latency, area, and energy efficient Hybrid Photonic Plasmonic on-chip Interconnects (HyPPI)
Author(s): Shuai Sun; Abdel-Hameed A. Badaway; Vikram Narayana; Tarek El-Ghazawi; Volker J. Sorger
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An efficient total-internal-reflection optical switch based on reverse breakdown of pn junction and thermo-optic effect in silicon
Author(s): Jong-Hun Kim; Seong-Hwan Kim; Muhyun Jin; Sanggu Yeo; Dong-Eun Yoo; Dong-Wook Lee; Hyo-Hoon Park
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Integrating III-V, Si, and polymer waveguides for optical interconnects: RAPIDO
Author(s): Timo Aalto; Mikko Harjanne; Bert-Jan Offrein; Charles Caër; Christian Neumeyr; Antonio Malacarne; Mircea Guina; Robert Noel Sheehan; Frank Hudson Peters; Petri Melanen
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Extended temperature performance of 120 Gbps midboard optical engine
Author(s): Joshua R. Cornelius; Aaron M. Baumer; Eric J. Zbinden; David P. Langsam; Jean-Marc A. Verdiell; William J. Kozlovsky; John F. Hazell; Catherine M. Eichhorn; Sharon M. Lutz; Thomas J. Mitcheltree
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Scalable electro-photonic integration concept based on polymer waveguides
Author(s): E. Bosman; G. Van Steenberge; A. Boersma; S. Wiegersma; P. Harmsma; M. Karppinen; T. Korhonen; B. J. Offrein; R. Dangel; A. Daly; M. Ortsiefer; J. Justice; B. Corbett; S. Dorrestein; J. Duis
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Planar polymer and glass graded index waveguides for data center applications
Author(s): Richard Pitwon; Akira Yamauchi; Lars Brusberg; Kai Wang; Takaaki Ishigure; Henning Schröder; Marcel Neitz; Alex Worrall
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Electro-optical circuit board with single-mode glass waveguide optical interconnects
Author(s): Lars Brusberg; Marcel Neitz; Dominik Pernthaler; Daniel Weber; Bogdan Sirbu; Christian Herbst; Christopher Frey; Marco Queisser; Markus Wöhrmann; Dionysios Manessis; Beatrice Schild; Hermann Oppermann; Yann Eichhammer; Henning Schröder; Andreas Håkansson; Tolga Tekin
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Assembly and performance of silicone polymer waveguides
Author(s): Calob K. Lostutter; Malcolm H. Hodge; Thomas R. Marrapode; Brandon W. Swatowski; W. Ken Weidner
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Light emitters and modulators on SOI for optical interconnects
Author(s): Yikai Su; Ciyuan Qiu; Yong Zhang; Ruili Liu
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High quality factor trapezoidal subwavelength grating waveguide micro-ring resonator
Author(s): Zheng Wang; Xiaochuan Xu; D. L. Fan; Yaguo Wang; Ray T. Chen
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Miniature mid-infrared thermooptic switch with photonic crystal waveguide based silicon-on-sapphire Mach–Zehnder interferometers
Author(s): Yi Zou; Swapnajit Chakravarty; Chi-Jui Chung; Ray T. Chen
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Multimode and single-mode fibers for data center and high-performance computing applications
Author(s): Scott R. Bickham
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Integration of 150 Gbps/fiber optical engines based on multicore fibers and 6-channel VCSELs and PDs
Author(s): Mikko Karppinen; Antti Tanskanen; Veli Heikkinen; Petri Myöhänen; Noora Salminen; Jyrki Ollila; Olli Tapaninen; Petter Westbergh; Johan Gustavsson; Anders Larsson; Rashid Safaisini; Roger King; Minsu Ko; Dietmar Kissinger; Ahmet Çağrı Ulusoy; Thierry Taunay; Lalit Bansal; Lars Grüner-Nielsen; Efstratios Kehayas; James Edmunds; Leontios Stampoulidis
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Analysis of multi-mode to single-mode conversion at 635 nm and 1550 nm
Author(s): Vanessa Zamora; Angelina Bogatzki; Norbert Arndt-Staufenbiel; Jens Hofmann; Henning Schröder
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Exabits/s integrated photonic interconnection technology for flexible data-centric optical networks
Author(s): Le Nguyen Binh; Thomas Wang Tao; Gordon Liu Ning
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High-performance flat data center network architecture based on scalable and flow-controlled optical switching system
Author(s): Nicola Calabretta; Wang Miao; Harm Dorren
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Printed polymer photonic devices for optical interconnect systems
Author(s): Harish Subbaraman; Zeyu Pan; Cheng Zhang; Qiaochu Li; L. Jay Guo; Ray T. Chen
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SiN-assisted flip-chip adiabatic coupler between SiPh and Glass OPCBs
Author(s): Giannis Poulopoulos; Catherine Baskiotis; Dimitrios Kalavrouziotis; Lars Brusberg; Henning Schröder; Dimitrios Apostolopoulos; Hercules Avramopoulos
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Bimorph actuators in thick SiO2 for photonic alignment
Author(s): Kai Wu; Tjitte-Jelte Peters; Marcel Tichem; Ferry Postma; Albert Prak; Kerstin Wörhoff; Arne Leinse
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Experimental study of silicon ring resonators and ultra-low losses waveguides for efficient silicon optical interposers
Author(s): V. Reboud; B. Blampey; P. Gindre; O. Dubray; D. Fowler; O. Lemonnier; E. Grellier; M. Fournier; Y. Thonnart; S. Bernabe
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Reduced nonlinearities in 100-nm high SOI waveguides
Author(s): C. Lacava; R. Marchetti; V. Vitali; I. Cristiani; G. Giuliani; M. Fournier; S. Bernabe; P. Minzioni
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Low-power chip-level optical interconnects based on bulk-silicon single-chip photonic transceivers
Author(s): Gyungock Kim; Hyundai Park; Jiho Joo; Ki-Seok Jang; Myung-Joon Kwack; Sanghoon Kim; In Gyoo Kim; Sun Ae Kim; Jin Hyuk Oh; Jaegyu Park; Sanggi Kim
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Characterizations of InAs quantum dot lasers butt-joint coupled with silicon photonics waveguides
Author(s): Zihao Wang; Ruizhe Yao; Stefan Preble; Chi-Sen Lee; Wei Guo
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Wavelength-controlled external-cavity laser with a silicon photonic crystal resonant reflector
Author(s): A. A. Gonzalez-Fernandez; Alexandros A. Liles; Saydulla Persheyev; Kapil Debnath; Liam O'Faolain
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Low-loss curved subwavelength grating waveguide based on index engineering
Author(s): Zheng Wang; Xiaochuan Xu; D. L. Fan; Yaoguo Wang; Ray T. Chen
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Suspended mid-infrared fiber-to-chip grating couplers for SiGe waveguides
Author(s): Julien Favreau; Cédric Durantin; Jean-Marc Fédéli; Salim Boutami; Guang-Hua Duan
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A new design for coupling light between silicon strip waveguide and plasmonic slot waveguide
Author(s): Bingqing Zhu; H. K. Tsang
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SWG-designed MMI waveguides for dual and multi-beam splitting, beam position-shifting, and focusing purposes
Author(s): Z. Abdolahi; H. Jiang; B. Kaminska
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High performance Ge-on-Si avalanche photodetector
Author(s): Ki-Seok Jang; Sanghoon Kim; In Gyoo Kim; Jin Hyuk Oh; Sun Ae Kim; Jiho Joo; Gyungock Kim
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Composite axilens-axicon diffractive optical elements for generation of ring patterns with high focal depth
Author(s): Raghu Dharmavarapu; A. Vijayakumar; R. Brunner; Shanti Bhattacharya
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Full-mesh optical backplane with standard MM fiber ribbons
Author(s): M. Ferrario; D. Coviello; P. Boffi; M. Martinelli; V. Basile; I. Fassi; M. Falcucci; C. Renghini; Paolo Scalmati
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