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Integrated Optics: Devices, Materials, and Technologies XX
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Volume Number: 9750
Date Published: 26 July 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9750
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Low-loss polymer optical waveguides with graded-index perfect circular cores for on-board interconnection
Author(s): Yuki Saito; Koji Fukagata; Takaaki Ishigure
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Strip loaded waveguide on lithium niobate thin films
Author(s): Matthieu Roussey; Petri Karvinen; Markus Häyrinen; Seppo Honkanen; Markku Kuittinen
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ZnO-diffused lithium niobate waveguide polarization controller
Author(s): James E. Toney; Andrea Pollick; Jason Retz; Vincent E. Stenger; Jay V. DeLombard; Sri Sriram
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Design of a waveguide with optics axes tilted by 45° and realized by ion-exchange on glass
Author(s): Elodie Jordan; Elise Ghibaudo; Aude Bouchard; Marie-Françoise Blanc-Mignon; Damien Jamon; François Royer; Jean-Emmanuel Broquin
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Birefringence measurement of glass ion-exchanged waveguides: burying depth or cover layer influence
Author(s): D. Jamon; J. P. Garayt; E. Jordan; F. Parsy; E. Ghibaudo; S. Neveu; J.-E. Broquin; F. Royer
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Hybrid-plasmonic three-terminal travelling-wave modulator with dynamic reconfigurability
Author(s): Charles Lin; Amr S. Helmy
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Integrated angular tracking and plasmonic membrane surfaces for a point of a care refractive index sensor
Author(s): Marie-Claude Bay; Rolf Eckert; Eric Grenet; Ross P. Stanley; Edo Franzi; Harry Heinzelmann; Cenk I. Ozdemir; Hatice Altug; L. Andrea Dunbar
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Near infrared plasmonic sensor based on Fano resonance
Author(s): S. M. Sherif; L. Shahada; D. C. Zografopoulos; R. Beccherelli; M. Swillam
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Unidirectional reflectionless propagation in plasmonic waveguide-cavity devices
Author(s): Y. Huang; G. Veronis; C. Min
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Microwave and RF applications for micro-resonator based frequency combs
Author(s): Thach G. Nguyen; Mehrdad Shoeiby; Marcello Ferrera; Alessia Pasquazi; Marco Peccianti; Sai T. Chu; Brent E. Little; Roberto Morandotti; Arnan Mitchell; David J. Moss
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Functionalization of UV-curing adhesives for surface-integrated micro-polymer optical fibers
Author(s): B. Hachicha; L. Overmeyer
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Integrated-optic tunable chromatic dispersion compensator composed of lattice-form circuit with interleave filter
Author(s): Koichi Takiguchi
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Controllable red and blue bandgap energy shifted LEDs and modulators on InGaAsP quantum well platform
Author(s): Parinaz Aleahmad; Thamer Tabbakh; Demetrios Christodoulides; Patrick L. LiKamWa
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Realization of back-side heterogeneous hybrid III-V/Si DBR lasers for silicon photonics
Author(s): Jocelyn Durel; Thomas Ferrotti; Alain Chantre; Sébastien Cremer; Julie Harduin; Stéphane Bernabé; Christophe Kopp; Frédéric Boeuf; Badhise Ben Bakir; Jean-Emmanuel Broquin
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Enhancement of the photoluminescence in Er-doped Al2O3 fabricated by atomic layer deposition
Author(s): John Rönn; Lasse Karvonen; Alexander Pyymäki-Perros; Nasser Peyghambarian; Harri Lipsanen; Antti Säynätjoki; Zhipei Sun
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Developing the OEIC solutions using two section light-emitting transistor
Author(s): Shan-Fong Liang; Yuan-Fu Hsu; Gong-Sheng Cheng; Chao-Hsin Wu
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Travelling-wave single-photon detectors integrated with diamond photonic circuits: operation at visible and telecom wavelengths with a timing jitter down to 23 ps
Author(s): Patrik Rath; Andreas Vetter; Vadim Kovalyuk; Simone Ferrari; Oliver Kahl; Christoph Nebel; Gregory N. Goltsman; Alexander Korneev; Wolfram H. P. Pernice
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Engineering reconfigurable laser-written circuits for practical quantum metrology
Author(s): Zachary Chaboyer; Alex Stokes; M. J. Steel; Michael J. Withford
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Faraday polarisation mode conversion in semiconductor waveguides incorporating periodic garnet claddings
Author(s): David C. Hutchings; Cui Zhang; Barry M. Holmes; Prabesh Dulal; Andrew D. Block; Bethanie J. H. Stadler
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Monolithic on-chip nonreciprocal photonics based on magneto-optical thin films
Author(s): Juejun Hu; Xue Yin Sun; Qingyang Du; Mehmet Onbasli; Caroline A. Ross
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Nano-composite magnetic material embedded on TiO2 pillars to realize magneto-optical resonant guided-mode gratings
Author(s): B. Varghese; E. Gamet; D. Jamon; S. Neveu; L. Berthod; O. Shavdina; S. Reynaud; I. Verrier; C. Veillas; F. Royer
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Compact two-mode (de)multiplexer based on MMI couplers with different core thickness on InP
Author(s): Fei Guo; Dan Lu; Ruikang Zhang; Huitao Wang; Wei Wang; Chen Ji
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Packaged integrated opto-fluidic solution for harmful fluid analysis
Author(s): T. Allenet; D. Bucci; F. Geoffray; F. Canto; L. Couston; E. Jardinier; J.-E. Broquin
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Design and fabrication of adiabatic vertical couplers for hybrid integration by flip-chip bonding
Author(s): Jinfeng Mu; Mustafa A. Sefunc; Bojian Xu; Meindert Dijkstra; Sonia M. García-Blanco
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Integrated optofluidic label-free biosensors using a silicon-nitride-based coupled-resonator optical waveguide
Author(s): Jiawei Wang; Zhanshi Yao; Andrew W. Poon
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Wave interaction in photonic integrated circuits: Hybrid analytical / numerical coupled mode modeling
Author(s): Manfred Hammer
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Leaky waveguides for low k-measurement: From structure design to loss evaluation
Author(s): Christoph Wächter; Riccardo Rizzo; Francesco Michelotti; Peter Munzert; Norbert Danz
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Modeling graphene based surface plasmon waveguides and devices
Author(s): J. Pond; F. Duque-Gomez; A. Alam; R. Armenta; J. Niegemann; D. McGuire; A. Reid
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Oblique incidence of semi-guided waves on step-like folds in planar dielectric slabs: Lossless vertical interconnects in 3D integrated photonic circuits
Author(s): Andre Hildebrandt; Samer Alhaddad; Manfred Hammer; Jens Förstner
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Label-free and fluorescence biosensing platform using one dimensional photonic crystal chips
Author(s): F. Michelotti; S. Schmieder; A. Anopchenko; P. Munzert; A. Sinibaldi; R. Chandrawati; S. Rana; F. Sonntag; A. Occhicone; L. Napione; M. M. Stevens; E. Maillart; F.-E. Hibti; C. Frydman; N. Danz
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Fabrication of scattering source for an optical fiber sensor using femtosecond laser internal processing
Author(s): Naoki Chinen; Masahiko Shiraishi; Kenji Goya; Atsushi Seki; Kazuhiro Watanabe
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Whispering gallery modes in self-assembled bottle microresonators coupled to planar waveguide
Author(s): I. A. Grimaldi; S. Berneschi; G. Testa; F. Baldini; G. Nunzi Conti; R. Bernini
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High-precision opto-mechanical lens system for space applications assembled by innovative local soldering technique
Author(s): P. Ribes ; C. Koechlin; T. Burkhardt; M. Hornaff; D. Burkhardt; A. Kamm; S. Gramens; E. Beckert; G. Fiault; R. Eberhardt; A. Tünnermann
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An LSPR fiber optic sensor based on in-line micro-holes fabricated by a second harmonic 400nm femtosecond laser
Author(s): Masahiko Shiraishi; Kenji Goya; Atsushi Seki; Kazuhiro Watanabe
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Design of a silicon polarization grating with a sub-wavelength anisotropic structure
Author(s): Koji Anju; Hiroyuki Tsuda; Hisato Uetsuka
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A novel high sensitive laser diode sensor based on micro-cavity
Author(s): Hong-Seung Kim; Jung-Min Park; Sung-Bock Kim; Chil-Min Kim; Kwang-Ryong Oh
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A compact and high-speed plasmonic slot waveguide coupled with photonic waveguide based 2x2 electro-optic switch
Author(s): Aditya Arya; R. Manivasakan
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Ferrofluid-based optical fiber magnetic field sensor fabricated by femtosecond laser irradiation
Author(s): Yang Song; Lei Yuan; Liwei Hua; Qi Zhang; Jincheng Lei; Jie Huang; Hai Xiao
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Integrated all-polymer Mach-Zehnder interferometers without interaction window in asymmetric configuration
Author(s): Yanfen Xiao; Meike Hofmann; Ziyu Wang; Stanislav Sherman; Pei Li; Hans Zappe
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Enhancing the resonance stability of a high-Q micro/nanoresonator by an optical means
Author(s): Xuan Sun; Rui Luo; Xi-Cheng Zhang; Qiang Lin
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