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Organic Photonic Materials and Devices XVIII
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Volume Number: 9745
Date Published: 18 May 2016
Softcover: 19 papers (142) pages
ISBN: 9781628419801

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Front Matter: Volume 9745
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Electro-optic enhancing interfacial buffer layers for nonlinear optic polymers
Author(s): Fahima Ouchen; Emily Heckman; Larry Dalton; François Kajzar; Ileana Rau; James Grote
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Fabrication of polymer based integrated photonic devices by maskless lithography
Author(s): M. Rahlves
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3D printing of natural organic materials by photochemistry
Author(s): Joyce Laura Da Silva Gonçalves; Silvano Rodrigo Valandro; Hsiu-Fen Wu; Yi-Hsiung Lee; Bastien Mettra; Cyrille Monnereau; Carla Cristina Schmitt Cavalheiro; Agnieszka Pawlicka; Monica Focsan; Chih-Lang Lin; Patrice L. Baldeck
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High-conductance low-voltage organic thin film transistor with locally rearranged poly(3-hexylthiophene) domain by current annealing on plastic substrate
Author(s): Zingway Pei; Hsing-Wang Tsai; Hsin-Cheng Lai
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Protein-based flexible whispering gallery mode resonators
Author(s): Huzeyfe Yilmaz; Abdon Pena-Francesch; Linhua Xu; Robert Shreiner; Huihun Jung; Steven H. Huang; Sahin K. Özdemir; Melik C. Demirel; Lan Yang
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Hybrid plasmonic/electro-optic polymer modulator
Author(s): Fanghui Ren; Qian Gao; Jingdong Luo; Alex K-Y Jen; Alan X. Wang
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Optimization of electrospinning techniques for the realization of nanofiber plastic lasers
Author(s): L. Persano; M. Moffa; V. Fasano; M. Montinaro; G. Morello; V. Resta; D. Spadaro; P. G. Gucciardi; O. M. Maragò; A. Camposeo; D. Pisignano
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Control of photon transport properties in nanocomposite nanowires
Author(s): M. Moffa; V. Fasano; A. Camposeo; L. Persano; D. Pisignano
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Measurement of molecular length of self-assembled monolayer probed by localized surface plasmon resonance
Author(s): Juri Ito; Kotaro Kajikawa
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Fully solution-processed organic light-emitting electrochemical cells (OLEC) with inkjet-printed micro-lenses for disposable lab-on-chip applications at ambient conditions
Author(s): Zhe Shu; Oliver Pabst; Erik Beckert; Ramona Eberhardt; Andreas Tünnermann
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Quantum calculation of the second-order hyperpolarizability of chiral molecules in the "one-electron" model
Author(s): Francois Hache
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Printed optically transparent graphene cellulose electrodes
Author(s): Dogan Sinar; George K. Knopf; Suwas Nikumb; Anatoly Andrushchenko
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Organic-inorganic composites for THz device fabrication
Author(s): B. Cai; T. M. Ye; G. Bo; X. C. Wang; Y. Z. Li; Y. M. Zhu; O. Sugihara
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Photovoltaic and optical properties of perovskite thin films fabricated using Marangoni flow assisted electrospraying
Author(s): Som Sarang; Hidetaka Ishihara; Yen-Chang Chen; Oliver Lin; Vincent C. Tung; Sayantani Ghosh
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High efficiency polymer light-emitting diodes using ternary electron injection layers
Author(s): Ten-Chin Wen; Kai-Wei Tsai; Jiun-Yun Jan; Tzung-Fang Guo
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Carrier injection and recombination processes in perovskite CH3NH3PbI3 solar cells studied by electroluminescence spectroscopy
Author(s): Taketo Handa; Makoto Okano; David M. Tex; Ai Shimazaki; Tomoko Aharen; Atsushi Wakamiya; Yoshihiko Kanemitsu
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Growth directions of C8-BTBT thin films during drop-casting
Author(s): Naoki Iizuka; Tomohiko Zanka; Yosuke Onishi; Ichiro Fujieda
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Effect of UV irradiation on adsorption/desorption of oxygen and water on carbon nanotubes
Author(s): Eric S. Muckley; Anthony J. Nelson; Christopher B. Jacobs; Ilia N. Ivanov
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Photonic applications based on biological/inorganic nano hybrids
Author(s): Xin Zhang; Pengfei Wu; Chandra Yelleswarapu
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