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High-Power Laser Materials Processing: Lasers, Beam Delivery, Diagnostics, and Applications V
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Volume Number: 9741
Date Published: 23 May 2016
Softcover: 27 papers (272) pages
ISBN: 9781628419764

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9741
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Gauss to top-hat beam shaping with aspheres
Author(s): A. Möhl; S. Wickenhagen; U. Fuchs
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Industrial fiber beam delivery system for ultrafast lasers: applications and recent advances
Author(s): Sebastian Eilzer; Max C. Funck; Björn Wedel
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Monocrystalline CVD-diamond optics for high-power laser applications
Author(s): C. Holly; M. Traub; D. Hoffmann; C. Widmann; D. Brink; C. Nebel; T. Gotthardt; M. C. Sözbir; C. Wenzel
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Computing specific intensity distributions for laser material processing by solving an inverse heat conduction problem
Author(s): Annika Völl; Jochen Stollenwerk; Peter Loosen
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High precision and high aspect ratio laser drilling: challenges and solutions
Author(s): Hermann Uchtmann; Chao He; Arnold Gillner
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Can fiber laser improve high speed multi-pulse drilling of aeronautic alloy?
Author(s): M. Nguyen; C. Loumena; A. Bussière; R. Kling; C. Delor; E. Freysz
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Calibration of ultra high speed laser engraving processes by correlating influencing variables including correlative evaluation with SEM and CLSM
Author(s): Markus Bohrer; Matthias Vaupel; Robert Nirnberger; Bernhard Weinberger
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Industrial grade fiber-coupled laser systems delivering ultrashort high-power pulses for micromachining
Author(s): Sebastian Pricking; Petra Welp; Johannes Overbuschmann; Sebastian Nutsch; Raphael Gebs; Robert Fleischhaker; Jochen Kleinbauer; Martin Wolf; Aleksander Budnicki; Dirk H. Sutter; Alexander Killi; Michael Mielke
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The influence of scanning speed and number of scans on the properties of laser formed steel
Author(s): Kazeem Oladele Sanusi; Stephen Akinlabi; Esther Titilayo Akinlabi
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Simulation based analysis of laser beam brazing
Author(s): Michael Dobler; Philipp Wiethop; Daniel Schmid; Michael Schmidt
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Laser-based gluing of diamond-tipped saw blades
Author(s): Christian Hennigs; Rabi Lahdo; André Springer; Stefan Kaierle; Michael Hustedt; Helmut Brand; Richard Wloka; Frank Zobel; Peter Dültgen
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Laser welding of polymers: phenomenological model for a quick and reliable process quality estimation considering beam shape influences
Author(s): Nathalie F. Timpe; Julia Stuch; Marcus Scholl; Ulrich A. Russek
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A review article: The mechanical properties and the microstructural behaviour of laser metal deposited Ti-6Al-4V and TiC composite
Author(s): Mutiu F. Erinosho; Esther T. Akinlabi
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High-power CW and long-pulse lasers in the green wavelength regime for copper welding
Author(s): Sebastian Pricking; Rudolf Huber; Konrad Klausmann; Elke Kaiser; Christian Stolzenburg; Alexander Killi
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Monitoring of solidification crack propagation mechanism in pulsed laser welding of 6082 aluminum
Author(s): P. von Witzendorff; S. Kaierle; O. Suttmann; L. Overmeyer
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Fiber laser welding of dual-phase galvanized sheet steel (DP590): traditional analysis and new quality assessment techniques
Author(s): Stephanie Miller; Erik Pfeif; Andrei Kazakov; Esther Baumann; Marla Dowell
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Detection of transient reflections during laser beam welding of copper
Author(s): Andreas Ganser; Stefan Liebl; Patrick Schmitz; Michael F. Zaeh
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Transmission laser bonding of low melting eutectic alloys
Author(s): C. Hoff; K. Cromwell; J. Hermsdorf; M. Akin; M. C. Wurz; S. Kaierle; H. J. Maier; L. Overmeyer
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Measuring laser power as a force: a new paradigm to accurately monitor optical power during laser-based machining operations
Author(s): Paul Williams; Brian Simonds; Jeffrey Sowards; Joshua Hadler
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Localisation: characterisation of laser beam shape for materials processing using a new parameter
Author(s): Julia Stuch; Nathalie F. Timpe; Marcus Scholl; Ulrich A. Russek
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Development of a non-contact diagnostic tool for high power lasers
Author(s): Jed A. Simmons; Jeffrey L. Guttman; John McCauley
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Absorption driven focus shift
Author(s): N. Harrop; S. Wolf; O. Maerten; K. Dudek; S. Ballach; R. Kramer
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Comprehensive process monitoring for laser welding process optimization
Author(s): P. Stritt; M. Boley; A. Heider; F. Fetzer; M. Jarwitz; D. Weller; R. Weber; P. Berger; T. Graf
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Inline monitoring of laser processing: new industrial results with the low coherence interferometry sensor approach
Author(s): Markus Kogel-Hollacher; Martin Schoenleber; Thibault Bautze; Rüdiger Moser; Matthias Strebel
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Observation of melting conditions in selective laser melting of metals (SLM)
Author(s): U. Thombansen; Peter Abels
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Binary hologram based high speed zonal wavefront sensing with reduced estimation time
Author(s): Biswajit Pathak; Bosanta R. Boruah
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Analysis of weld seam uniformity through temperature distribution by spatially resolved detector elements in the wavelength range of 0.3μm to 5μm for the detection of structural changing heating and cooling processes
Author(s): B. Lempe; R. Maschke; F. Rudek; T. Baselt; P. Hartmann
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