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Free-Space Laser Communication and Atmospheric Propagation XXVIII
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Volume Number: 9739
Date Published: 15 June 2016
Softcover: 39 papers (376) pages
ISBN: 9781628419740

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Front Matter: Volume 9739
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Alphasat-Sentinel-1A optical inter-satellite links: run-up for the European data relay satellite system
Author(s): D. Tröndle; P. Martin Pimentel; C. Rochow; H. Zech; G. Muehlnikel; F. Heine; R. Meyer; S. Philipp-May; M. Lutzer; E. Benzi; P. Sivac; S. Mezzasoma; H. Hauschildt; M. Krassenburg; I. Shurmer
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In-orbit verification of small optical transponder (SOTA): evaluation of satellite-to-ground laser communication links
Author(s): Hideki Takenaka; Yoshisada Koyama; Maki Akioka; Dimitar Kolev; Naohiko Iwakiri; Hiroo Kunimori; Alberto Carrasco-Casado; Yasushi Munemasa; Eiji Okamoto; Morio Toyoshima
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LEO-to-ground optical communications link using adaptive optics correction on the OPALS downlink
Author(s): Malcolm W. Wright; Joseph Kovalik; Jeff Morris; Matthew Abrahamson; Abhijit Biswas
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Implementation and validation of a CubeSat laser transmitter
Author(s): R. W. Kingsbury; D. O. Caplan; K. L. Cahoy
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The Tesat transportable adaptive optical ground station
Author(s): Karen Saucke; Christoph Seiter; Frank Heine; Mark Gregory; Daniel Tröndle; Edgar Fischer; Thomas Berkefeld; Mikael Feriencik; Marco Feriencik; Ines Richter; Rolf Meyer
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The lunar laser communication demonstration time-of-flight measurement system: overview, on-orbit performance, and ranging analysis
Author(s): M. L. Stevens; R. R. Parenti; M. M. Willis; J. A. Greco; F. I. Khatri; B. S. Robinson; D. M. Boroson
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Telecom and scintillation first data analysis for DOMINO: laser communication between SOTA, onboard SOCRATES satellite, and MEO optical ground station
Author(s): D.-H. Phung; E. Samain; N. Maurice; D. Albanesse; H. Mariey; M. Aimar; G. M. Lagarde; G. Artaud; J.-L. Issler; N. Vedrenne; M.-T. Velluet; M. Toyoshima; M. Akioka; D. Kolev; Y. Munemasa; H. Takenaka; N. Iwakiri
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Large-volume data delivery from low-Earth orbit to ground using efficient single-mode optical receivers
Author(s): B. S. Robinson; C. M. Schieler; D. M. Boroson
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Overview of Ground Station 1 of the NASA space communications and navigation program
Author(s): W. T. Roberts; D. Antsos; A. Croonquist; S. Piazzolla; L. C. Roberts; V. Garkanian; T. Trinh; M. W. Wright; R. Rogalin; J. Wu; L. Clare
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Overview and status of the laser communication relay demonstration
Author(s): E. Luzhanskiy; B. Edwards; D. Israel; D. Cornwell; J. Staren; N. Cummings; T. Roberts; R. Patschke
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Overview of optical data relay system in JAXA
Author(s): Y. Chishiki; S. Yamakawa; Y. Takano; Y. Miyamoto; T. Araki; H. Kohata
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Adaptive optics for high data rate satellite to ground laser link
Author(s): N. Védrenne; J.-M. Conan; C. Petit; V. Michau
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Two-axis gimbal for air-to-air and air-to-ground laser communications
Author(s): Amnon G. Talmor; Harvard Harding; Chien-Chung Chen
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A burst-mode photon counting receiver with automatic channel estimation and bit rate detection
Author(s): Hemonth G. Rao; Catherine E. DeVoe; Andrew S. Fletcher; Igor D. Gaschits; Farhad Hakimi; Scott A. Hamilton; Nicholas D. Hardy; John G. Ingwersen; Richard D. Kaminsky; John D. Moores; Marvin S. Scheinbart; Timothy M. Yarnall
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Propagation modeling results for narrow-beam undersea laser communications
Author(s): Andrew S Fletcher; Nicholas D. Hardy; Scott A. Hamilton
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Free-space optical communications using encoding of data on different orbital-angular-momentum modes
Author(s): Asher J. Willner; Yongxiong Ren; Guodong Xie; Long Li; Yinwen Cao; Zhe Zhao; Peicheng Liao; Zhe Wang; Yan Yan; Nisar Ahmed; Cong Liu; Moshe Tur; Alan E. Willner
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Innovative free space optical communication and navigation system with high data rate communication, precision ranging, range rate measurements, and accurate spacecraft pointing
Author(s): Guangning Yang; Wei Lu; Xiaoli Sun; Jeffrey Chen; Michael Krainak
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Gigabit per second modulation and transmission of a partially coherent beam through laboratory turbulence
Author(s): Anatoly Efimov
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Characterization of modems and error correcting protocols using a scintillation playback system
Author(s): William S. Rabinovich; Rita Mahon; Mike S. Ferraro; James L. Murphy; Christopher I. Moore
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Demonstration of lasercom and spatial tracking with a silicon Geiger-mode APD array
Author(s): Timothy M. Yarnall; Benjamin W. Horkley; Ajay S. Garg; Scott A. Hamilton
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Optical links sizing for broadband geostationary satellite feeder link
Author(s): S. Poulenard; J.-M. Conan; B. Roy; A. Rissons
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Architectural and operational considerations emerging from hybrid RF-optical network loading simulations
Author(s): Yijiang Chen; Douglas S. Abraham; David P. Heckman; Andrew Kwok; Bruce E. MacNeal; Kristy Tran; Janet P. Wu
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Deep space laser communications
Author(s): Abhijit Biswas; Joseph M. Kovalik; Meera Srinivasan; Matthew Shaw; Sabino Piazzolla; Malcolm W. Wright; William H. Farr
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Two dimensional thermo-optic beam steering using a silicon photonic optical phased array
Author(s): Rita Mahon; Marcel W. Preussner; William S. Rabinovich; Peter G. Goetz; Dmitry A. Kozak; Mike S. Ferraro; James L. Murphy
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Impact ionization engineered avalanche photodiode arrays for free space optical communication
Author(s): Mike S. Ferraro; William S. Rabinovich; William R. Clark; William D. Waters; Joe C. Campbell; Rita Mahon; Kenneth Vaccaro; Brian D. Krejca
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Novel photon-counting detectors for free-space communication
Author(s): M. A. Krainak; G. Yang; X. Sun; W. Lu; S. Merritt; J. Beck
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AlGaInN laser diode technology for free-space and plastic optical fibre telecom applications
Author(s): S. P. Najda; P. Perlin; T. Suski; L. Marona; M. Bóckowski; M. Leszczyński; P. Wisniewski; R. Czernecki; R. Kucharski; G. Targowski; S. Watson; A. E. Kelly; M. A. Watson; P. Blanchard; H. White
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Development, testing, and initial space qualification of 1.5-µm, high-power (6W), pulse-position-modulated (PPM) fiber laser transmitter for deep-space laser communication
Author(s): Shantanu Gupta; Doruk Engin; Dave Pachowicz; Jean-Luc Fouron; Juan Lander; Xung Dang; Slava Litvinovich; Ti Chuang; Kent Puffenberger; Frank Kimpel; Rich Utano; Malcolm Wright
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WDM laser transmitters for mobile free-space laser communications
Author(s): D. O. Caplan; R. T. Schulein; J. J. Carney; M. L. Stevens; S. J. Spector
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Photon counting detector array algorithms for deep space optical communications
Author(s): Meera Srinivasan; Kenneth S. Andrews; William H. Farr; Andre Wong
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Experimental demonstration of photon efficient coherent temporal combining for data rate scaling
Author(s): D. J. Geisler; T. M. Yarnall; M. L. Stevens; C. M. Schieler; B. S. Robinson; S. A. Hamilton
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An adaptation method to improve secret key rates of time-frequency QKD in atmospheric turbulence channels
Author(s): Xiaole Sun; Ivan B. Djordjevic; Mark A. Neifeld
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Ultimate capacity of linear time-invariant bosonic channels with additive Gaussian noise
Author(s): Bhaskar Roy Bardhan; Jeffrey H. Shapiro
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Advanced techniques for free-space optical quantum cryptography over water
Author(s): Alexander D. Hill; Bradley Christensen; Paul G. Kwiat
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Super-dense teleportation for space applications
Author(s): Chris Zeitler; Trent M. Graham; Joseph Chapman; Herbert Bernstein; Paul G. Kwiat
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Fiber coupling and field mixing of coherent free-space optical beams in satellite communications
Author(s): J. Poliak; D. Giggenbach; R. Mata Calvo; D. Bok
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Propagation properties of quantized Laguerre-Gaussian beams in atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): Aya Saito; Ayano Tanabe; Makoto Kurihara; Nobuyuki Hashimoto; Kayo Ogawa
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Generation of multiple optical frequencies referenced to a frequency comb for precision free-space frequency transfer
Author(s): Byung Jae Chun; Hyun Jay Kang; Young-Jin Kim; Seung-Woo Kim
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Investigation of algorithm discretization error in a zonal wavefront estimation process
Author(s): Biswajit Pathak; Bosanta R. Boruah
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Prediction accuracy of various models for angle-of-arrival fluctuations
Author(s): O. Porat; J. Shapira
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Digital coherent receiver technique for onboard receiver of future optical data relay system
Author(s): Tomohiro Araki
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