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Synthesis and Photonics of Nanoscale Materials XIII
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Volume Number: 9737
Date Published: 6 June 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9737
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Direct laser fabrication of nanowires on semiconductor surfaces
Author(s): Anahita Haghizadeh; Haeyeon Yang
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Modeling nanoparticle formation by laser ablation and by spark discharges
Author(s): Tatiana E. Itina
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Modeling of heat release in aqueous suspensions of solid-state nanoparticles under electromagnetic radio-frequency irradiation
Author(s): Konstantin P. Tamarov; Andrey P. Kanavin; Victor Yu. Timoshenko; Andrei V. Kabashin; Irina N. Zavestovskaya
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Ejection of glass melts and generation of nanofibers from the back surface of a glass plate by pulsed UV laser irradiation
Author(s): Sho Itoh; Masaaki Sakakura; Yasuhiko Shimotsuma; Kiyotaka Miura
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Laser ablative nanostructuring of Au in liquid ambience in continuous wave illumination regime
Author(s): A. O. Kucherik; S. V. Kutrovskaya; S. M. Arakelyan; Y. V. Ryabchikov; A. Al-Kattan; A. V. Kabashin; T. E. Itina
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Si nanoparticles as sensitizers for radio frequency-induced cancer hyperthermia
Author(s): A. V. Kabashin; K. P. Tamarov; Yu. V. Ryabchikov; L. A. Osminkina; S. V. Zinovyev; J. V. Kargina; M. B. Gongalsky; A. Al-Kattan; V. G. Yakunin; M. L. Sentis; A. V. Ivanov; V. N. Nikiforov; A. P. Kanavin; I. N. Zavestovskaya; V. Yu. Timoshenko
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Hybrid grapheme plasmonic waveguide modulators
Author(s): D. Ansell; B. D. Thackray; D. E. Aznakayeva; P. Thomas; G. H. Auton; O. P. Marshall; F. J. Rodriguez; I. P. Radko; Z. Han; S. I. Bozhevolnyi; A. N. Grigorenko
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Quantum-dot based ultrafast photoconductive antennae for efficient THz radiation
Author(s): Andrei Gorodetsky; Natalia Bazieva; Edik U Rafailov
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Phase-sensitive plasmonics biosensors: from bulk to nanoscale architechtures and novel functionalities
Author(s): A. Danilov; V. G. Kravets; G. Tselikov; A. V. Grigorenko; A. V. Kabashin
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Electrically biased GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures for enhanced detection of bacteria
Author(s): Mohammad R. Aziziyan; Walid M. Hassen; Jan J. Dubowski
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Structural properties of gold-silicon nanohybrids formed by femtosecond laser ablation in water at different fluences
Author(s): Y. V. Ryabchikov; A. A. Popov; M. Sentis; V. Yu. Timoshenko; A. V. Kabashin
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Brillouin microspectroscopy of nanostructured biomaterials: photonics assisted tailoring mechanical properties
Author(s): Zhaokai Meng; Manish K. Jaiswal; Chandani Chitrakar; Teena Thakur; Akhilesh K. Gaharwar; Vladislav V. Yakovlev
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Zinc oxide nanowire gamma ray detector with high spatiotemporal resolution
Author(s): Daniel C. Mayo; J. Ryan Nolen; Andrew Cook; Richard R. Mu; Richard F. Haglund
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High density semiconductor nanodots by direct laser fabrication
Author(s): Anahita Haghizadeh; Haeyeon Yang
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Femtosecond laser irradiation of dielectric materials containing randomly-arranged nanoparticles
Author(s): Anton Rudenko; Jean-Philippe Colombier; Tatiana E. Itina
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